I'm Writing to Suzanne Collins and Jennifer Lawrence!!!!

i'm writing to Suzanne Collins and Jennifer Lawrence everyone!!!!!!!! Soooooo excited!!! I hope they write back!!

Chapter 1

Suzanne Collins and Jennifer Lawrence

So, as you may have heard, i'm writing to my idols, Suzanne Collins and Jennifer Lawrence!! I went online to find their fan mail address and I found it!! i really do hope they write back! Jennifer is such a powerful actress and Suzanne Collins is such an extordinary writer!! Next to the addresses it said that they will respond to any letters as soon as they can! So I'm guessing that they will respond!
If you'd like to send them letters to I'll save you time and give it to you right now:

Jennifer Lawrence
P.O. Box 6509
Louisville, KY 40206
A/N: Self addressed stamperd envelope must be "8.5 x 4" minimum. Include request letter and photo you'd like to be autographed.

Suzanne Collins
557 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
A/N: When you send your letter to Suzanne Collins be aware that your sending it to Scholastic her publisher. Scholastic fowards all the fan mail to Suzanne Collins. Just so you're aware of that. Make sure that leeter is in a self addressed envelope!!

Anyway, if you're going to write to them, good luck! Thanks and wish me luck too!


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