A Mindless Moment (Prodigy Version)

You : Prodigy you're so retarded hahahah. -__-
Prodigy : When can you go a day without saying something to me like that?
You : * Feels bad * Oh..I'm so-
Prodigy : It's fine. It's fine.
You : :-/
[ A few days later ]
You : * Stops at MB's hotel & knocks on the door *
Prodigy : Uhh...heey.
You : Hi. * Half smiles *
Prodigy : You okay?
You : Yeah why?
Prodigy : I don't mean 'okay' like that. I mean 'are you okay' as in 'are you okay cause it's not like you to stop by when I'm here.'

Chapter 1


by: tifftff5
You : Why do you say that?
Prodigy : Well, you always make fun of me out of nowhere even on my bad days and I don't even know why...plus I like you a lot so you making fun of me makes everything worse.
You : :O I am so sorry.
Prodigy : It's okay.
You : No, no, it's not. :-/ I didn't know I made you feel that way.
Prodigy : Yeah.
You : ....
Prodigy : ......
You : ....So uhh, where's the rest of the boys and Kiesha and them?
Prodigy : They went to an interview but since I wasn't feeling well I stayed here.
You : You know it would be nice if you let me in.
Prodigy : Ahh, sorry :x You can come in [YN]
You : Thanks :) * holds his hand *
Prodigy : So what you wanna do?
You : Uhh, what were you doing before I came?
Prodigy : Thinking about you.
You : Huh? :O
Prodigy : Playing video games! Uhh, I was playing video games...
You : Oh cool let's play then :)
Prodigy : Okay...* whispers * damn that was close
You : Heh, what was close?
Prodigy : Nothing :D
You : Why are you acting so weird?
Prodigy : I'm acting weird?
You : Yes, you're even answering my questions with questions.
Prodigy : Am I really?
You : -_-
Prodigy : Okay, sorry.
* You guys play the video games *
You : Hahaha, that's like the 100th time I beat you dude.
You : Uh uh!
Prodigy : I should've won and you know it, heh. Anyway, how you been? :]
You : Good. * Half Smile *
Prodigy : Mhm...
You : What?
Prodigy : You know what.
You : No?!
Prodigy : I know that smile. That means something is definitely wrong.
You : Gosh, how do you know these things man?!
Prodigy : Idk, I can just tell when a person I care about is going through something.
You : Heh, you don't care about me. * Looks down *
Prodigy : * Holds your hand * Yeah I do. I care about you more than anything.
You : Then I think it's the right time to tell you I care abut you more than anything too.
Prodigy : I thought you hated me.
You : I never did. Me making fun of you was just my way of showing you I love you :D
Prodigy : Well then. I love you too. * Leans in for a hug *
You : * Kisses Prod * :O Was I ..... supposed to do th-
Prodigy : Haha, yeah. * Kisses back *
Roc : * Walks in the hotel room * WELL WELL WELL. ;D Check you two OUT!


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