For Zori's Contest

For a competition.
An original story by me.
Hope you like it. :D

Chapter 3

Packs Of Three

Audrey hung for a minute, gathering her thoughts. While gathering her thoughts, she realised something. The footsteps she had heard earlier had vanished. Again, the woods were noiseless. audrey also realised she could not hang there forever, so, using the muscles she had built during past summers, she swung.
Audrey swung slowly at first, back and forth like a swing. Once she got the hang of it, she swung higher and faster, once so high she looped around and banged her nose against the branch the rope was tied to.
It bled. Oh Lord, it bled. Now Audrey was certain she wasn't going to starve. She was certain she wasn't going to die of blood rushing to her head. She was certain that even the Silencers weren't going to kill her. Audrey was certain....Yes, Audrey was certain the wolves were going to find her first.
She covered her nose and tried to stop the bleeding as much as she could, but the blood seeped through her hands and dripped onto the icy cold snow underneath her. It was no use, Audrey thought. She removed her hands and let the blood flow freely.
The wolves came. Audrey knew they would come but she did not expect them to come as quickly as they had. One moment she was hanging there, staring at a tree, and the next they were there, three wolves circling her and growling. But they were not circling just her, Audrey could tell. Their circle was too wide for the wolves to just be circling her. Audrey spun the rope, and was amazed to find a handsome man, maybe seventeen, standing behind her. He was tall, perhaps six feet tall with dark brown hair and blue grey eyes. He was muscly (is that how you spell it??), but his muscles weren't bulging. His eyes were everywhere, looking at the wolves, the woods, Audrey. He looked her up and down, not at all quickly, then laughed. His face lit up when he laughed, his eyes glistening.
"What?" Despite the fact that she was hanging upside down, she still had her atitude.
The boy just smirked.
Audrey had forgotten about the wolves, but was reminded when one of them, the smallest one with a light brown coat, lunged at the laughing boy.
He sidestepped, laughing as he did it. Audrey watched in amazement as the laughing boy single-handedly took down all three wolves.
Once the fight was over, the laughing boy took a small hunting knife from his belt and started cutting the rope Audrey was tied to. Before she could react, she fell, hitting the ground, snow softening her fall. The laughing boy stuck out his hand and Audrey took it gratefully.
Her head started throbbing and she fell again, laughing boy catching her before she could touch the ground. She looked at him then, and she was suddenly aware of how close they were.
He was aware of that too, she realised. He was staring at her, something she couldn't make out in his eyes.
'What's your name?' he whispered, keeping his eyes on her face.
'Audrey. What's yours?'
He did not answer her question, instead whispering 'Audrey. Such a pretty name.'
Suddenly their lips were touching, and Audrey's body tingled everywhere. The boy gently stood her up, then put his hand on her waist. Audrey slid her fingers through his brown hair, touching him everywhere. He broke the kiss first and said 'Felix. That's my name.'


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