For Zori's Contest

For a competition.
An original story by me.
Hope you like it. :D

Chapter 2

Silence that is a photo of audrey.

The eerie silence of the woods surrounded her, followed her, comforted her. Audrey was hunting once again. Illegally. Her mother didn't encourage it, but it kept food on the table.
They used to be able to buy food with Audrey's dad working in Slarenz as a government accountant. But ever since he had gone missing.....
Audrey shook her head. She had been trying not to think of her dad and focus on the woods around her.
Silence continued to trail her as she tread softly through the Alipses woods. Her arrow was notched, knife hanging in its pocket on her belt. Ever since the war had begun, the woods, especially the Alipses woods, had been covered head to toe in traps, nets and machines capable of killing 50 men.
There were also Silencers, maiming anyone that came within a hundred yards. But Audrey and her mum had no food. So Audrey hunted.
She had heard the slightest rustling and had shot an arrow. Her arrow had landed in the neck of a bird, harming, but not killing. The bird giving a final squawk before Audrey stomped on its neck, silencing it.
She put it in her sack, where she had already three rabbits, five birds and three fish. This was her sixth bird. She would skin them all when she went back home. it was unsafe to stay out for too long.
Audrey felt a pair of eyes on her. She didn't hesitate. She ran.
Audrey swept through the woods, leaving a trail of footsteps in the white snow. The woods was but a blur around her.
Audrey heard chasing footsteps. So she ran faster. Harder. Pushed herself to her very limits, until she could push no more.
Then she was falling. Before she hit the ground, unforgiving and unusually thin hands clasped her ankle and pulled her up until she was hanging five feet above the icy layer that covered the woods floor.
After a moment of rest, Audrey began resisting the hands. She scratched, kickied and punched what she realised after a minute or two was thin air. The hands were not hands, but a piece of sturdy rope circling her ankle and holding her above the ground. Audrey laughed a small, dead laugh. How stupid of her. If only she had run the tiniest bit slower, Audrey may have seen the trap. It was a death trap clearly, meaning to hold you there until one of four things happend. One: All the blood rushed to your head and you died. Two: You starved. Three: The blood stopped circulating in your ankle and it fell off, causing you to bleed to death. Or four, the most vicious of them all: You were caught by Silencers.

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