For Zori's Contest

For a competition.
An original story by me.
Hope you like it. :D

Chapter 1

History and Character

Name: Audrey
Looks: Dark-brown hair to the waist. Slim, 5'3. Piercing Green Eyes.
Age: 16
Background: Lives 3km out of Gletys, which is a town in Zazan. In Zazan it snows all year round. There are large forests, stretching for miles, which contain wolves, mountain lions, zebras and other dark creatures beyond our imaginations.

Zazan is at war with it's neighbouring country, Slarenz. Zaran share their forests with Slarenz and both countries have Silencers(soldiers) scouting the forests and planting traps for the opposing country to find.
I shall stop with my history for now, and let you discover more later on in the story.

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