Two Worlds, One Love: An Emo Love Story

Two Worlds, One Love: An Emo Love Story

This is an original story by me and it is fictional as far as I know
Mackenzie is kind of based off of me and my life. But not completely


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Chapter 1

Ethan's World

Why do they have to fight? Ethan asked himself as he punched the wall, bruising his already red knuckles. Even though his door was closed, he could still hear his parents screaming at each other for no reason again.
Ethan's room had no color besides dark ones: dark clothes all over the place, Black Veil Brides posters hanging on the walls, and his tv was on but there was no picture. Ethan lived in a three bedroom house with his parents and his two little sisters, who were fourteen. They were twins and as girly as they could get.
Ethan was sixteen. He was skinny and kinda tall. He had the most gorgeous blue eyes and straight black hair. During school he would sleep, but he makes A's and B's. After school he would either go to the skatepark with his friends or to the mall with his sisters, which he hated. He was their ride and apparently the one who carried watever they bought.
Today was a day no different from the others. He walked in, dropped his skateboard by the door, got a soda, and went to his room. He was trying to work on his homework when his parents started fighting. No matter how loud the music was, it wouldn't drown out the words his parents were screaming at each other.
There was a knock on his door. He knew who it was. His sisters walked in crying, as usual. He sat there on his bed and held them until the screaming stop. That's when the day changed. The screaming didn't stop. His sisters had to spend the night in his room that night.

The next morning

He got up and dressed in his usual clothes. Black skinny jeans and an Asking Alexandria shirt with a black hoodie. He put purple lip rings in today. Then, he went and got his sisters up. While they were getting dressed, he made them breakfast and packed their lunch. He didn't eat breakfast and packed him a little lunch, knowing he wouldn't be able to eat. He dropped his sisters off at middle school and went to start another boring day at high school.

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