My sexy teacher (lesbian)

Chapter 3


Lindy noticed, she was into me and so did my best friend, she got back from India and damn, she noticed. She noticed when Catherine gave Lindy and Manpreet complete death stares every time they sat next to me, I really like her. Damn it, this was going to be hell. I hate liking someone, but anyway I baked a huge batch of cupcakes, and one was perfect. So I gave it to her, and she loved it. Or was at least to polite to say she didn't. I came to school the following day and she grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me into her office, her face was so close to mine. I wanted to just grab her by the waist and start making out with her, but instead I grabbed the cookies she made for me and thanked her and realized they tasted I bet her lips do.

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