A Pair Of Love-Sick Fools ~ Ciel Phantomhive Love Story

Madam Bellarose is a young girl who's close childhood friend Earl Ciel Phantomhive had asked her to move from France and live with him in England after her parents tragic death.

~Ceil Is about 16 in this, don't shoot me. There might be 'graphic' contents later in the story~

Chapter 1

Late As Always, Aren't You?

Nicolette's P.O.V

I stood in the ship yard after my departure from the ship I waited for that constantly late Ciel. "Où pouvait-il être? Il est toujours en retard ce crétin!" I scowled and brushed my dark brown hair out of my honey colored eyes. I heard a voice say in English. "Madam Bellarose?" I turned and saw a man with black hair and red eyes smiling at me. "Oui?" His face brightened and he said "Miss Bellarose, Master Ciel sends his apologies for not being able to come this afternoon."
"Bien sûr ... désolé. Hello, you must be Sebastian." He smiled at me and said "Yes ma'am."

I straightened out my dark blue and deep gray gown and stepped into the carriage. All I could do was marvel at the beauty of England, it was so different from Pairs. I noticed that there was a small note next to me on the seat, I cautiously looked for signs that we would be stopping soon and picked up the letter. On the out side it read 'Nicolette' I opened it and read what the letter said.
I am sorry my dear friend but I could not make the trip to the ship yard. I am busy at home awaiting your arrival. Do enjoy yourself, you should be stopping in London for clothes.

The carriage came to a shaky stop and the door opened, I looked outside and saw Sebastian waiting for me to exit the cab I sat in. I looked at the city of London for the first time since I was 7 and smiled. The dress shops were everywhere but I headed straight for the sweets store. "Madam, Young master sent us here to get you clothing, not sweets." I sigh and followed, but before I left the window I saw a certain package a chocolates that read Bellarose Candies. I smiled and walked to the dress shop with the butler, so many dresses all over the place.

As I looked around in the shop I saw a skirt and a nice shirt that I did like. I picked them up and looked over at the butler that was waiting for me to pick something. He smiled slightly and nodded, I picked up a few more dresses and went to the woman at the desk. She smiled at me and said "Good morning love." I nodded. She took the dresses and skirt and shirt and rang them up. As she said the amount Sebastian handed her a pouch of coins and led me outside once more. I fiddled with the overly tight bodice and muttered french obscenities under my breath.

"For a French Lady, you aren't very comfortable with the fashion are you? Pardon my asking Lady Bellarose." I smiled and said "Non, it is alright Sebastian. I have taken educate but the bodice is still uncomfortable." He nodded and let me outside, I ran my fingers through my long brown hair and stepped out of the cab. Phantomhive Mansion was still as grand as it had been when my parents and I would visit many years ago before we moved to France.

I walked up the the door and Sebastian opened it for me, allowing me to walk inside. I saw a small group of people waiting, Bardroy, Mey-Rin, Tanaka, and Finnian. At the top of the stairs was Earl Phantomhive himself, his cold blue eye fell on me and I shivered. Why was my friend so cold looking, and why on earth was he wearing an eye patch. His voice rang out "Lady Nicolette." I looked up and I said "Lord Phantomhive, you look well." Bardroy looked over at me and said "Little Nicolette?!" I smiled and nodded. He grinned and hugged me in an overly tight embrace.

I smiled and said "Finnian, you look well." Ciel looked over at me and said "So, years of living in France have given you an accent?" I chuckled and said "I suppose so." He didn't smile at all, this wasn't the same fun loving little boy who would always play outside with me that I use to know. I sigh and heard Ciel say "Sebastian take Madam Nicolette to her room." The butler nodded and led me up the stairs. Once he stopped a door opened and I saw a large bed with curtains hanging off the rails of the bed. Sebastian held my bags, I tried to take them but he was already putting the clothing away. My onyx and silver bracelet hung from my wrist, my mothers bracelet. She had given it to me when I was about 12, my life in France was one filled with joy and a rather carefree feeling.

A light taping on the door made me awake from my daydream "Uh, come in." I jumped. The door opened and Sebastian stepped inside, he said "Madam, Young Master would like to see you in his study." I nodded and stood up, I grinned and walked behind the tall man. He stopped at a door and opened it for me, inside I saw Ciel sitting behind a desk. I skipped up and sat on the desk, his pale face flushed and he snapped "That's not ladylike." I laughed and said "I'm not exactly a lady." He sigh in a frustrated manner and I asked "Oh Ciel, what is ze matter?" He looked at me and said "Business isn't going exactly well." I nodded and said "Oh, I am sorry Earl Phantomhive." He nodded and stood up he walked around and looked at me saying "Nicolette, you've changed quite a lot since we were 7-year-olds." I nodded and he helped me off the desk, I smiled at him as I stood on the floor.

His face was still cold and emotionless, I laughed slightly and asked "What did you need My Lord."
"I was going to ask how you trip was." I blinked and said "Oh quite well, this small girl kept me busy." A knock on the door interrupted our conversation "Enter." Mey-Rin walked in and tripped over nothing. Sebastian walked in and said "Lord, Lady, your dinner is ready." Ciel nodded and led me down to a dinning room, I sat at a seat and heard a voice say "Tonight you shall be eating Beef Bou Gonyo, and for desert you shall have crepes." I chuckled and said "Hm, French Cuisine." Sebastian smiled at me.

Ciel's P.O.V

I looked over at Nicolette, she was so astonishing, her hair was longer than it use to be, it fell to maybe the center of her back. Her puppy dog brown eyes always looked so happy even though she was all alone. She hadn't changed much, she still acted the same. But now she was a beautiful woman, the accent threw me off a little but Nicolette Bellarose was still the same person underneath. She was laughing at nothing and I was eating the odd food as it was put down. I stood and said sharply "Sebastian send the rest to my study, I need to fill out paperwork."

As I filled out papers I heard a tapping on the door "Come in Sebastian." Was all I said. The door opened and Lady Nicolette Bellarose walked into the room carrying a tray of cookies and chocolates, a cup of tea, and sugar. I blinked and snapped "Nicolette! Your not a maid, you should have let Sebastian take care of that." Her face fell and she said "Oh, I am sorry. J'ai pensé que vous aimeriez pour rattraper Ciel. Mais il est clair que vous êtes trop occupé pour parler à une fille peu ridicule qui n'est pas bon."

I paused slowly translating what she had said, by the time I was done she had set the sliver tray down and was stating to leave. I grabbed her wrist and said "No, wait. I would love to catch up with you." She turned and smiled slightly. I sigh slightly irritated as I sat at my desk, and she sat on the edge of it again. Her blue and dark grey dress didn't ride up but it still wasn't a very polite position that she was in. She absentmindedly bit into a chocolate chip cookie, I asked without looking up from my papers "How was your life in France, it was a long time ago that I saw you."

"Oh, I-" She yawned before she could answer me, I looked at her and said "Retire for the night Nicolette, you shall tell me in the morning." She nodded and walked away I called to May-Rin "Help Madam Bellarose change." She nodded and followed tripping over nothing but air. Nicolette helped the incompetent woman up and laughed slightly as she said "Here, Ne tombez pas sur vos s'il vous plaît le visage, nous ne voulons pas briser vos lunettes." May-Rin was trying to translate but apparently gave up. They vanished into the hallway.

Nicolette's P.O.V

I frowned as Mey-Rin struggled to walk across the floor without falling, she kept saying she was fine. I was beginning to wonder if it wasn't her glasses, when I tried to remove them she stopped me. I smiled and respected her wishes, we walked to my room and she started removing the stupid bodice I was forced to wear. Once the uncomfortable item was removed and I unlace the dress slipping out of it I pulled out a new nightgown, it's emerald green silk material was smooth against my skin.

The night progressed even with how tiered I was I couldn't shut my eyes, I finally slipped out onto the balcony and down a tree that was positioned next to my room. I smiled and hit the dewy grass, I sat down and stared up at the sky as clouds drifted past the full moon. A hand settled on my shoulder and a voice said behind me "A young lady like yourself shouldn't be out here this late at night." I turned around and saw Sebastian, I smiled and said "I'm sorry, I couldn't sleep." He said in a rather monotone voice "Would you like a cup of tea, it might help you sleep My Lady." I nodded and stood up, he helped me inside through the front door and set me down at the table.

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