Let Me Hold Your Heart (a BTR love story)

Peacegirl13 (me)

Enjoy! xD

Chapter 1

Carli's POV

Peacegirl13's character:
Name: Carli (hehe I named her after me! xD)
Looks: Bridget Mendler
Age: 17
Personality: Sweet, fun, loves music, good sense of humor

I finished packing my last suitcase. You might be wondering why I'm packing. It's because I'm going to LA to start a singing career. I'm so excited, and I can't keep a huge smile off my face.

On the airplane...

An airplane attendant stopped by where I was sitting. "Would you like something to drink?" she asked. "Sure, what so you have?" I ask looking at the beverages. She picked up one of the cups. "Well, I'm positive this one is grape juice." she replied. "Well, if it ends up not being grape juice, what would it be?" I questioned staring at the purple liquid. The attendant said nothing and walked away. "Ok..." I thought.

Finally, I arrived in LA. I took a cab to the hotel I'd be staying at. The famous PalmWoods.

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