Warrior Cats

if you haven't read the actual Warrior Cats books, then you won't understand this. This is from a she-cats perspective in River Clan. Enjoy! PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE! AND TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO READ IT! PLEASE!

Chapter 1

Chaper 1: The start of Sunkit

by: Liv_It_Up
"Aww, look how cute she is!" An older she-cat purrs.
"She has your eyes." A tom-cat purrs. The tom-cat is the leader of Riverclan. His wife had a kit. The kit had big green eyes, and a sandy blond pelt. She mewed, and tossed around her paws playfully. The fathers name was Snowstar. his mates name was Blossomleaf. They named the kit, Sunkit.
Soon, Sunkit became six moons old. Sunkit excitedly trotted to the Highrock, waiting for her dad to appoint her as an apprentice. She sat down next to some older apprentices.
One of them had a black pelt. "Why are you with us?" The apprentice snarled at Sunkit. His name was Darkpaw. He was all black, but a little white on the tip of his tail. He was bigger than all the other apprentices.
"You obviously don't know why Snowstar called the meeting." Sunkit retorted. "You'll see. And then you'll understand." She laughed quietly. Then Snowstar started the meeting.
"Hello Riverclan! It has been six moons since my lovely kit, Sunkit, was born. Which means she is old enough to become an apprentice!" Darkpaw glanced at Sunkit, but quickly looked away. "And that means she needs a mentor. Her mentor will be... Icyflower. And it also means that she will get a new name. Her new name will be Sunpaw." All the cats chanted.
"Sunpaw! Sunpaw! Sunpaw!"
Sunpaw smiled. Not only could she hang out with the cool apprentices, but she also got the nicest warrior as her mentor! Icyflower was kind and understood all the apprentices. She was understanding and confident. "So, Darkpaw. When are you training? And if you wouldn't mind showing me around the apprentices den..."
Darkpaw growled and flicked his tail, then trotted away. Sunpaw laughed. "I should go meet some other cats." She thought to herself. Should stood up and stretched. She walked to a group of apprentices. "Hi guys!" She smiled at them. There were three cats. A lean gray and black striped tabby with bright blue eyes named Rainpaw, a white she-cat with black on her paws and tip of her tail and amber eyes named Streampaw, and a striking tabby with ginger fur and green eyes named Flamepaw.
Rainpaw glanced at Sunpaw. "Just because you are an apprentice doesn't mean you can play with them. Go find someone that doesn't mind playing with a kit. Because that's how it would be like playing with you." Sunpaw stepped back, struck by the insult. She looked at they other cats for some back up. Streampaw looked at her paws, uncertain. Flamepaw blinked.
Sunpaws eyes darted back to Rainpaw. "Fine. I don't know why I even THOUGHT about being with cats like YOU." She snapped. Then she turned swiftly, and walked away, nose in the air. She heard the others chatting about her behind her but she didn't care. She went to find the apprentice den. She sniffed around and thought she found it but when she was about to walk in, a cat stepped in her way.
She had seen the cat before, a calico she-cat with amber eyes. Sunpaw didn't know her name though. Sunpaw started to walk back, but then the cat spoke. "You're the new apprentice. Sunpaw, right?" Sunpaw decided she was probably nice.
"Yes. I'm Sunpaw. Sorry, I don't know your name." Sunpaw thought maybe she could become friends with her.
"I'm Cloudpaw. I was just stopping you because you were about to walk into the warrior den. I guess nobody offered to show you around?"
"Oh sorry.... Yeah nobody wanted to show me around. I was going to play with Streampaw, Flamepaw, and Rainpaw, but they didn't really let me. No, I didn't want to. Well, they made me not want to... Well th-" Cloudpaw cut her off.
"They're mean to everyone. Streampaw used to be nice, but then she became friends with them and..." Her voice trailed off. Sunpaw thought maybe something had happened between them. So she spoke up.
"Ok, well could you show me the apprentice den?"
"Of course! It's over here." Cloudpaw showed Sunpaw a den that was across the camp from the warrior den. "Here it is. It's pretty big, since we have so many apprentices. Sunpaw stepped in. It was nice, surrounded by bushes and trees. It wasn't a cave, like the elders den. But the ground was soft and comfortable.
"Nice!" Sunpaw exclaimed. "So... when do we train?
"You'll start training tomorrow. It may seem like a long time but after you get started, you'll get bored of it. I remember when I became an apprentice I was so excited, just like you. But it actually wasn't that long ago. In fact, it was only 3 moons ago. I'm not to much older than you." Sunpaw was relieved that they weren't to far apart in age difference. That way it would be more like a real friendship.
"Ok. When do we sleep?"
Cloudpaw laughed. "Let's go eat, then we can sleep."
"Ok! Let's go." They walked to the fresh-kill pile and decided to share a vole. They sat down, not to far away from Rainpaw and his friends. Then Darkpaw walked over and sat next to Cloudpaw.
"Hi Cloudp-" He stopped in mid-sentence as he looked at me. "Why is the little she-cat here?"
Cloudpaw blinked. "She's not much younger than you, Darkpaw. Is there any reason why she SHOULDN'T be here?"
"Well... fine. But... whatever.." He grunted and shifted his position. They finished their dinner and padded to the apprentice den. They layed down and went to sleep.

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