The New Kid

Hi this is kinda a note:

i'm not gonna be writing this for a long time

But i'm working on a story called
Surviving The McLane Boys. You shd check it out it's really good so far.


Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"BECCA",mom yelled,"GET UP YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL." I grunted as loud as I could to signal that I wasn't under any circumstances EVER getting up. At that moment I felt a huge bucket of icy cold water falling upon me. It felt like I was taking an ice-bath! I opened my eyes to reveal that the source of the water spillage was my dog Macy drooling all over me. It turns out that I was making the stuff up about the ice-bath. "MACY!!!" ,I yelled," GET OFF OF MEEEE!!!" I heard a stomping noises drift through the air vent. 'stomping is never good',I thought. Without thinking I jumped out of bed and ran into my closet to protect myself from whatever was about to burst through that do-"BECCA" I was cut off by my mothers hollering.

"Yes,mom" I said trying to sound sweet and angelic.

"What on Earth are you doing in that closet?!?

"Well, obviously i'm getting dressed!"

I felt really dirty when I lied to my mother so I started stripping.

"Okay honey, just hurry up, you have half an hour to get everything ready."

"Okay mom, bie!!!" I felt really stupid when I said that because it made me sound like a peppy cheerleader.

Then I heard the door gently close which meant that everything was better now. I carefully chose a cropped short-sleeved shirt that said, "Love" on it in big, bold, cursive letters. The shirt also included a gold outlined heart with an arrow going through it. Since the shirt was white with gold writing and thick light gold stripes going through it, I paired it with a bright blue cami and light blue short-shorts with fabric fuzz on the bottom of the shorts. I picked out gold sandals with gold ankle bangled attached to them. The bangles were in-crested with diamonds and tinsel. I quickly ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I searched for the hairbrush. I couldn't find it, but then I remembered I had one i my room. I went to get it, when I came back I frantically brushed my hair. Then I took my waver and made my straight brown hair into a silky wave fantasy. I went back into my room to pick out a purse. I picked the gold one with a line of black jewels going across the middle. I threw my phone,brush, and make-up into my purse. And stuffed my books into my pink book-bag from "Pink." I grabbed a piece of toast and ran out the door screaming "BYE,MOM!!" behind me. I scurried onto the bus and I counted the number of seconds until the gear shifted and the bus started moving. I had a feeling that this was going to be a great day.


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