The Goth In Hot Pink

Hey guys this is kinda a note:

I won't be working on this for a long time because it failed me.
I just started a new book called

Surviving The McLane Boys.

You shd check it out cuz it's really good so far

k, tnx, bieeee


Chapter 2

Chapter 2

When I finished talking, I went to my seat in the back of the classroom and supposedly "tripped" on somebody's leg.The girl said," watch it,klutz" then continued her work. While I was in the back of the room, I learned some things about the people. I found out that the name of the girl who I tripped over is Mary Blake. Apparently she is the queen bee of the school. Thats when I realized I made a big mistake. When I tripped over her you didn't hear the whole conversation.This is how it actually went.

"Watch it,klutz" said Mary

"Sorry, didn't realize people were mental here" I said.

she grunted

"Idiot" I whispered to myself.

After Mr.E finished lecturing our class the bell rang.I quickly ran out the door ducking for cover.When I got our the door I was stopped by no other person than Mary Blake."Hey"she said,"you may be the new girl and get"special treatment"from teachers but I don't give a crap about who you are or whatever you came her for you...... you....... you......" she stuttered "GOTH"

Goth???? What does she mean? Im not goth!!!!!!

That thought traveled with me throughout the day. At lunch I went to the library and sat in the back corner so nobody could embarrass me again. At last period I thought I could actually make it home with no more embarrassments. Big Mistake. As I headed out the door I saw Mary with her little group of friends tagging along.

"Oh,well I see i've stumbled upon a freakish stocker girl!" said Mary

"How am I the stocker if you keep following me everywhere!"

"Shut-up! You little Goth! You will never be better than me so stop trying you creep!!"

"I think you should walk away while you still have your dignity, Blake"

I heard a chorus of OOOHH'S in the back round and walked away.

Then it hit me! I figured out why she thinks i'm goth!!

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