Harry Potter Questionnaire

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Chapter 1

Okay. Time to WRITE.

Who got you into Harry Potter? My mom! I'm pretty sure it was a rainy weekend and I had nothing to do. My mom started reading it to me, and I must say, I was very reluctant to listen!! But by the time the letters started coming out of the chimney, I was loving it. One of my favorite memories.

Favorite character? Hermione. Hagrid. Dumbledore. Dobby. Tonks. Ginny. And Snape at the end! I can't possibly choose.

Do you ship anyone? Duh.

Who do you ship? Everyone that is "shipped" in the books, plus Neville and Luna (I mean, come on...) and Lavender and Seamus. :)

Favorite part of the series? Letters coming out of chimney!!! By far!!! :D But the last part of the 1st book was amazing too, especially the chess game. I love how they did it in the movies. But what happened to the potions part?!?!? UGH!!

Least favorite part of the series? Sirius dying, Fred dying, Lupin and Tonks dying. Dobby dying...

Have you seen AVPM\AVPS? NO DUH!!!! I gotta get back to Hogwarts...

Have you seen Potter Puppet Pals? Of course! Snape, Snape, Severus Snape- DUMBLEDORE!!

Favorite line? Everything. Really. But move-wise? "What. An. Idiot." (Hermione)

Favorite actor from the movies? Um? Robbie Coltrane was amazing as Hagrid, and Alan Rickman of course was great.

Favorite actress from the movies? Emma Watson. Naturally. She was wonderful. :)

Thing that annoys you most about non-Potterheads? UGH! It's just that they claim they don't like the books. YOU'VE ONLY READ 5 PAGES!!! Or "you're so obsessed." Yeah. No kidding. Harry Potter isn't just a book! It's a community, a lifestyle (as Potions said before me) !!! UGH! WHY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!?!?!

Favorite scene from any of the movies? Lots and lots. But I just loved the whole time turner thing... time travel is so cool!

Favorite book? I'd have to say the 3rd. I don't know why... probably the time turner. And I think that's when you start to see Ron and Hermione stuff starting to happen.

Favorite movie? The 4th, and both Deathly Hallows'. I loved them.

Favorite House? Ravenclaw.

House you honestly think you'd be in? Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw... Huffleclaw???

Best friend at Hogwarts? Luna or Ginny, or some random unnamed character. We can't all be friends with Hermione, guys.

Crush? I don't have an HP crush. Honestly...

Best subject? I'd like to think it would be transfiguration.

Worst subject? Probably... flying. XD

Patronus? Some sort of bird maybe. Comment on what you think it would be.

Animagus? ??? Maybe a chameleon... that would be SO cool...

Best crossover fanfiction idea? -----

Favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher? Lupin, of course!!!

Favorite mythical creature in Harry Potter? House elves- the cool ones like Dobby!

Date to the Yule Ball? Lots of friends- or some random guy we don't know the name of!

Character you hate that everybody loves? Draco. I mean, when everyone is reading the books they're like "Ugh what a sleazeball!" but after (on Quibblo) and in the movies, "OMG!!! He's, like, sooooo SMEXY!!! Giggle" WTF!?!?!?

Character you love that everyone hates? I don't know if anyone hates Kreatcher... but he's the coolest...



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