Leaving Quibblo

As it is getting impossible to use.

Chapter 1


by: Alvatar
Okay, number one I'm really so sorry to the people I tried to talk to on here, quibblo has been giving me a hard time over however long it has been (feels like a couple of months) so I'm leaving though my account will still be here in case of a couple of things happen:

1) That whoever runs this site actually sorts it out for a change or...
2) Anyone on here wants to keep talking to me, in which case I'll keep them as friends and come on here to continue talking to you, unless you have another way you want to keep in touch.

Also I need to say this; NO ONE HAS PERMISSION TO USE ANYTHING I MADE ON HERE EXCEPT ME!!! I hate to be mean but I deleted the lot and anything you remember can't be used as I will be publishing for real using some of it and now you have no reason not to know this, so no using anything I made, at all!

Finally, and again I'm sorry to everyone I talked to, I don't want you to think I found you boring I didn't (AnotherWorld [or my little sister :P], Countess Crimson [I know you use another place mostly now but you are awesome :)], Indiegirl [you drove me up the wall at times but you are lovely really :D] and WriterForLife [I'm sorry I missed the competition, I had no choice but thanks for letting me compete, you are wonderful to talk to :D]).
Those are the shoutouts to the people who really highlighted my time on here, not to say I'm forgetting people, some of you have changed your names and others have either deleted or become impossible to find. Regardless you are all awesome and I'm sorry I couldn't put that into names.

I hope you all do well in whatever it is you choose to do in life, because you are all absolutely awesome and perfectly capable of it :)

Al, short and sweet.


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