I Met Him On The Street(Niall Horan Fan Fic)

Everybody knows and loves the famous British boy band One Direction. But they all have a story fixed into their heads that one of the members will fall madly in love with them. I'm different from all of them, I don't vision my life where I'm dating a celebrity. But I'll always have a very special soft spot for Niall Horan. I'm Laurel, I live with my best friend Jess, and we're head over heels for that one boy band they call One Direction.

Chapter 1


"Jess! Come here! One Direction is doing an interview on the television!" I yelled to my crazy best friend. The flirty brunette crashed into her door, before running and flipping onto the sofa to watch. Jessica Rosenthal is my best friend since primary school, and we have stayed friends ever since. We grew up in London, England, but we both moved to New York together to live out our dreams at NYU. New York was amazing, and Jess loved all the stores they had.

Jess just turned 18, and we are both Freshmen at NYU. She has dark brown hair, bright hazel eyes, and pale skin. She loves shopping, everything girly and pink, but her passion is the performing arts. She just broke up with her boyfriend from London, after she found out he cheated on her. She's tall and skinny, with a little bit of freckles on her face. She is hilarious and absolutely mental, and sometimes a little brainless, but I love her anyway. My name for her is Artificial Intelligence, and she calls me Dumb Blond. We both loved photography, but we loved acting more. There's only one other thing to say about her, she loves Louis from One Direction.

Then there's me. I'm Laurel, I turned 18 long before Jess, and I love to rub it in her face. I have blonde hair with blue eyes, and I also have freckles on my face. I am usually the maid of the household, because Jess doesn't know how to use the washer, or the dishwasher, or even the vacuum. I love to eat, but you wouldn't believe me if you saw me. No matter how much I eat, I don't gain any weight. It's the same with Jess, but she tries to limit her dessert anyway. I like Starkid more than a lot of things, but Niall Horan beats Starkid by a lot.

"Let me go make popcorn, they're going to sing!" She jumped off of the sofa and ran to the kitchen, she's so hyper all the time. After a few minutes, she ran back over with a large bowl in her hands.

"Hi, we're One Direction, this is called More Than This." Liam said into the microphone. We both screamed, then turned the sound up. If you were wondering, that was a normal occurence in this flat.

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