Is it meant to be? ~ A Mindless Behavior Love Story~

Is it meant to be? ~ A Mindless Behavior Love Story~

Welcome to the life of four girls that are besties for life . Chanelle and Nicole are non - identical twins , and are both fourteen . Their best friends are Isabella who is fourteen and her cousin Karina who is 15 . They're all in the same High School :) They have their own group called OneDream. And are HUGE fans of Mindless Behavior ! Something amazing happens with them and MB (; Enjoy the fights , laughs , and drama of their story .

Chapter 5

Making The Video Part 1 (Short Chapter)

They're all walking to the park

- No Ones P O V -

Karina: "What should we do in our video ?"

Nicole: "We should tell them why they should come !"

Everyone looks at her like -.-

Chanelle: "No Sh~t Nikky ."

Nicole: " Shut the F~ck up Anelle ."

Chanelle: Playing around "Oh h~ll no , this b~~ch wanna go ! ?" Takes out earphones

Karina: "WAIT. Don't do nothing !" Runs to the bench and sits down 'It's. About. To Go. Down !"

Isabella: Runs to the bench too "D~~n Kari , we don't got no sour patch or popcorn !" -.-

Karina: "Aww , you're right :( Oh well .. CONTINUE :D"

Nicole: "Nah .. you guys just ruined the moment .."

Chanelle: Laughs "OMG. That was funny A'f !" Mocks Karina "OH. Lemme sit down !" Mocks Bella "We ain't got no food D:" LMFAOO.

Karina&Bella: "HEY. I don't sounds like that !"

Karina&Bella: "Stop mocking me"

Karina&Bella: "Really tho ? STOP !'

Bella: "KARINA" -_-


They continue arguing over who copied who

Chanella&Nicole look at eachother like ._."

Nicole: "So .. about that video ?"

Chanelle: "Yeah .. about that ! We should have Valentines Girl playing in the back huh ?"

Nicole: "H~ll yeah , that'll get us extra points" (;

While Nicole and Chanelle were planning out things all they hear Karina say is

Karina: "B~~CH ! Let go !"

Chanelle & Nicole turn around and see Bella and Karina on the ground pulling eachothers hair.

Nicole: "F~~k" -.-

Chanelle: "Now we gotta break up a fight" >.>

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