Is it meant to be? ~ A Mindless Behavior Love Story~

Is it meant to be? ~ A Mindless Behavior Love Story~

Welcome to the life of four girls that are besties for life . Chanelle and Nicole are non - identical twins , and are both fourteen . Their best friends are Isabella who is fourteen and her cousin Karina who is 15 . They're all in the same High School :) They have their own group called OneDream. And are HUGE fans of Mindless Behavior ! Something amazing happens with them and MB (; Enjoy the fights , laughs , and drama of their story .

Chapter 3

Spending the night

- No Ones POV -

Karina: "Okay, well are you guys ready to go because it smells like sweat and all of you need a shower" :D

Bella,Anelle,&Nikky: Look at her like "Really tho?"

Karina: "I'm just sayin..."

Isabella: "Well don't say." Laughs

Karina: "Bella you're lame, i swear."

At Chanelle & Nicoles house

Nicole: "Hey do you guys want to spend the night?"

Isabella: "What about your parents? What will they say?"

Chanelle: "Bella, you know y'all are practically family and plus they would say 'sure idc' "

Nicole: "And, they left this afternoon to go meet with producers for our group.. they're gonna be gone for a week so we can invite whoever we want and do whateverwe want.. and it's the first week of spring break too! The things that are gonna go down this weekend" ;D

Nicole,Chanelle,AndIsabella: "It's. About. To Go. Down!"

Karina: "Word!" Sits down on the couch and puts her legs on the table

Nicole: "Yeah go ahead make yourself comfortable!" :P

Karina: "K thanks." :)

Nicole: #SMH.

Chanelle: "Okay, ima shower in mom and dads room, Nikky you can go to your shower and Bella you can use mine. And Kari if you wanna shower use the guest or main bathroom k?"

Everyone showers and gets into thier pjs

Chanelle: Yawns "So what time should we make the SchoolTube video?"

Karina: "Sometime after noon cause we all know we don't get up til after 11 and it takes us about three hours for ALL of us to get dressed"

Nicole: "She ain't lyin."

Nicole: "Ugh i'm tied... let's make the pallet"

They get a bunch of blankets and pillows and lay them on the floor then lay down

Chanelle: "We should watch a movie" (:

Karina: "No Anelle cause you like those scary movies and you know i don't do those!"

Nicole: "Then take yo a_s to bed cause that's what we're watching"

Karina: "Fine. But ima have more fun sleeping than watching a movie"

Chanelle: "Como?" (How)

Karina: "Cause me and my boo Roc will be doing some things in my dream.. if you know what i mean!" ;D

Isabella: "Oh lawd." -__-

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