Is it meant to be? ~ A Mindless Behavior Love Story~

Is it meant to be? ~ A Mindless Behavior Love Story~

Welcome to the life of four girls that are besties for life . Chanelle and Nicole are non - identical twins , and are both fourteen . Their best friends are Isabella who is fourteen and her cousin Karina who is 15 . They're all in the same High School :) They have their own group called OneDream. And are HUGE fans of Mindless Behavior ! Something amazing happens with them and MB (; Enjoy the fights , laughs , and drama of their story .

Chapter 2

The contest !

- Nicole POV -

* In 3rd period Math *

In her head: OMG. This teacher talks alot >< Ima text my sis :)

Nicole: "Hey sis :)"

Chanelle: "What do you want Nikky?"

Nicole: "Are you with Bella?"

Chanelle: "No, i'm with Barney shopping for elephants!"

Nicole: "OMG. Anelle, why didn't you tell me! Buy me one ;)"

Chanelle: "Really Nicole? -

Nicole: "LOL. Okay you Bella and Karina meet me at the gym. It's workout day! :D"

End of convo

The bell rung and i went to the bathroom to change.

At the gym

Nicole: "Hey Bella!"

Isabella: "Hey Nikky ;) Where's Chanelle and Karina?"

Nicole: "LATE. As always.."

Chanelle and Karina walk in the gym

Karina: "OMG. Sorry we're late!! ... Sikeee :P"

Isabella: "Shuddup Kari. Aye! Where's your workout clothes?!"

Karina: "Bella, you know i don't do that sweaty stuff. EW."

Isabella: "Can't belive i'm related.." (x

Chanelle: "Woooow Nicole... Domo?"

Nicole: "Really Anelle, Peace?"

Chanelle: "Haha, gotta spread that peace for my hubby<3"

Karina: "He's your husband in your dreams"

Chanelle: "Callate (Shutup) Kari , cause Roc don't love you either!" xD

They laugh and start to workout

Chanelle is on the tredmill.
Isabella is on the bike.
Karina is sitting down listening to Drake<333
Nicole is working her legs.

- Chanelles POV -

Chanelle screams

Everyone: "OMG. WHAT HAPPEND?"

Chanelle: "MB MB MB MB!"

Nicole: "What?"

Chanelle: "MB is having a get schooled contest! You make a video for a chane for them to preform at your school!"

Isabella: "We should enter!"

Karina: "Then we can all be with our hubbies :D"

Nicole: "Let's make it tomorrow, since it's Saturday?"

Chanelle: "Good thinking Nikky ;D"

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