Is it meant to be? ~ A Mindless Behavior Love Story~

Is it meant to be? ~ A Mindless Behavior Love Story~

Welcome to the life of four girls that are besties for life . Chanelle and Nicole are non - identical twins , and are both fourteen . Their best friends are Isabella who is fourteen and her cousin Karina who is 15 . They're all in the same High School :) They have their own group called OneDream. And are HUGE fans of Mindless Behavior ! Something amazing happens with them and MB (; Enjoy the fights , laughs , and drama of their story .

Chapter 1

Getting to know the characters

- No ones POV -

Chanelle: Heey ! It's yours truely Chanelle, but you can call me Anelle :) Did you notice that line ? Yeah the blaxican ((Princeton)) is my favorite MB Boy !

Did i tell you ? I have an annoying a_s little sister .

Well .. she's 14 like me yeah we're twins but i came out first (:<

"OMG. NO WAY , YOU'RE TWINS ?" Yeah , i get that alot . We're NON - IDENTICAL . Thank God :D

I mean we look alike but not that much . We're mexican and black , yes we're lightskinned .

My hair comes a little past my boob yeah i said it (: and I'm 5'2 .

I'm outgoing , not shy , daring , i love to have fun .. as Drake said , YOLO. ;D Btw , Drake is sexy A'f ! He's my husband he just doesn't know it .. Sorry Nicki ! :P

I wear alot of converse , Forever21 , Uggs , Holister , Aero and skinny jeans but i can slip on some sweats , bball shorts and jordans when i want/need too .

No im not a tom boy , but im not a girly girl .. im just me . Whatever i feel like wearing i'll wear :)

I sing and dance in our group OneDream .

im really chill and nice , get to know me ! Oh yeah i can be mean if i have too .

And remeber my attitude and personality are two different things . My attitude is based on how you treat me . And i forgot something .. im 14 years young my nigguh (:

Nicole: Hey it's ya girl Nicole ! Notice that line ;) ? Yeah Ray's the fave <3

My nickname is Nikky , I'm Chanelles twin sister !

We're twins but don't look alike , and we don't act THAT much alike either :)

I like to wear shorts , skinnies , and converse too :) Im also mexican and black like my sister .. yup light skinned too ;)

I'm 5'1 and i have curly black hair .

Im a dancer in our group OneDream . I dont like wearing bball shorts or sweats or jordans like my sis .. no im not a girly girl and shes not a tom boy :P Im 14 and I LOVE YOU K BYE.

Isabella: Hey y'all , it's Isabella ! And yes IM IN LOVE WITH .... PRODIGGYY!

He is some FINE milk choclate (;

I'm mexican . I wear alot of vintage clothes and Michael Kors boots and stuff :)

My best friends are Chanelle and Nicole , love those hos to death hehe <3

I'm kinda quiet .. only if i first meet you . Once we become close you'll be like .. "What happend to the Isabella i knew at first ???"

Anyways , my nickname is Bella so ima let my cousin tell you her story cause she's rushing me . This b_tch -.- Oh yeah ..

I sing with Chanelle in our group OneDream and im 14 , k bye forreal this time (x

Karina: Hey wassup y'all it's KARINAAA.

Yeah i took Rocs line ! You know why ? Cause he's my hubby ! <3

I like to wear alot of holister shorts , aero tops , belly shirts . I have a lip piercing but not the hook kind :)

Im a girly girl .

Like Nicole , i dont sweats and bball stuff like Bella and Anelle do :) I also dance for our group OneDream :) And im 15 !

Oh yeah , yo soy latina (: (Baically it says im a latina = mexican)

There are the characters !

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