Different As Can Be(A Starkid/One Direction Love Story

Different As Can Be(A Starkid/One Direction Love Story

Name: Skylar Aria Radcliffe
Age: 20
Looks: Brown hair, blue eyes, pretty, freckles, skinny
Personality: big flirt, outgoing, shy around new people, loves 1D (Louis)
Hobbies: Musical Theatre and writing
Other: Daniel Radcliffe's little sister

Name: Laurel Kaitlin Grint
Looks: ginger, biggish green eyes, freckles,skinny
Age: 24
Personality: big flirt, very loud, loves food,friendly, loves StarKid (Holden)
Hobbies: Acting, singing
Other: Rupert Grint's older sister

Chapter 1


Skylar's P.O.V.

"Farmgirl shut up! I'm trying to listen to Louis' solo!" I yelled to Laurel. I call her Farmgirl because she can talk in a really funny southern accent, usually when she meets new people to trick them. She really wishes she was from Tennessee.

"Sorry Sky, can't at the moment. I'm watching a Starkid video." She replied, eating a piece of pizza. I walked up to her, took her laptop out of her hands, and despite her complaints, I put it somewhere out of her reach.

"What the Hufflepuff did you do that for?!" She yelled at me.

"Calm down and listen! So, you know that concert in Chicago for Starkid?" I asked her.

"Of course! I've been trying to get tickets for ages." She replied grumpily.

"Charlotte is going to it..." I started to say, purposely putting on a dramatic wait.

"She is?! Can she get me tickets? That lucky brunette." She started to ramble about how lucky Charlotte, our American friend from Chicago, got to go but she didn't.

"LAUREL! Char got us tickets too! We're going to Chicago!" We both started screaming and jumping around the room. I could faintly hear the people in the floor below us get angry with our pounding feet.

"Wait. You barely know Starkid... Why are you so excited?" She asked, calming down.

"Well, a certain boyband is going to be on tour in the city we'll be in, so there's a 60% chance of meeting them. Then Louis and I will get married!" I shrieked. Laurel was soon officially calmed down, even though I knew she was still jumping up and down inside.

"Call Daniel! Call Rupert! Call Superman!" She yelled, not containing her excitement.

"I can't call Superman, I haven't met him yet. Hopefully, I'll be a part of that 60% chance and I'll meet him." I said, fangirling again. She laughed at me.

"When do we get to go to Chicago?" She asked.

"Well, the concert is in a week, so our flight is tomorrow." I said.

"TOMORROW? So you tell me a day before we leave? Smart girl." She said. We went our seperate ways to our rooms to pack, then try to get a good night's sleep before our flight to see our imaginary husbands! Oh, and Charlotte too...

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