The price of freedom ~avatar: the last airbender fanfic~

The two half sisters Brechje (MissWeasley) and Kayleigh (Slytheringirl_) have lost their parents after the great 100 year war. They are being sent to their aunt Yuna whom lives on the island Saint President. Here they'll meet new friends, new enemies and new adventures.

Chapter 1


The city of Omashu was the home of two girls connected by their father. As the war was ended by avatar Aang, cities have been destroyed and families have been torn apart. One of those families was the family of Brechje and Kayleigh, two young benders. After the death of Brechje's mother and both girls' father -both killed by fire nation warriors, the girls were sent to Saint President's, a tropical island habitized by water nation villagers. Their aunt Yuna took over the care of the teenage benders. Never would the girls have thought that their little family would change, never did they expect freedom was the very thing that ruined their life.

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