Love don't cost a thang

Love don't cost a thang

'' Talk that talk to me all night'' My phone rings at 3am
Me: Hello!?
Roc: Jasmine can u-
Me: Cuts him off I'm srry but wht da heck? why would u call me this late??
Roc: I'm so sorry but i REALLY needa tell u somthin can u come over??
Me : Sure but whats it about??
Roc: you'll see when u get here k?
Me: Alright
- End of telephone convo

Chapter 3

Pootie Tang Time!

I run back to my house & sneak in & go to bed thinkin bout what Roc said the words kept going through me head, i finally fell asleep.

8hours later
'WAKE UP!!!!''! my parents yelled, ''i'm up i'm up i yell back''. They come in my room and tell me that there goin on a cruise widd Tianna,shay, Yanna parents for a whole month. They kiss me goodbye & take my lttle sister weny with them.

I quickly get on da phone widd Tianna shay & Yanna they pack dere stuff & come over.''Were here!!!'' i open the door the put there stuff in my room.Shay: So whats up girl u glisten & ish Me: Hun Please i'm just happy y'all here Shay: Mhmmm Me: So da boys comin over is dht cool?? Yanna: * Fake coughs *no lls nahh sure whateva : ) Me : i'll call em

- Telephone convo -
Me: Heyy do u think-
Roc: *cuts her off * that we could finish where we left off..hmm sure
Me: Boy shut up! i say playfully Shay , Tianna & Yanna over here
Roc: My bad & yeaah we can come lls
Me: : ) Thanks!
Roc: No prob girl
- End of telephone convo -
Shay,Yanna & Tianna : So what he say! dey all say at the same time Me: Yes trick lls. Ahhhhh! dey both scream! Danq y'all chill lls

I get in the shower 1st change into jean shorts & i love New York white tank da other girls get change into a shirt & jeans. DING DING DING!! '' Who is it'' Me! me who roc duhh lls ohh lls come in!
Ray: So what y'all wanna do 2day??
Prince: Go look at some str!pers
Prod: Umm Somethin that ALL of us can do
Prince: ALL of us can do that
Prod: -__-
Roc: y'all wanna go to da movies??
Me: That sounds kool but what we gonna go see??
Ray: I bought that movie called : '' The woman in black ''
Prod: ohh dht movie widd dht harry potter dude??
Ray: Yeaah
Tianna: I'll get da popcorn, but we gonna have to have alot for 7 people & we got 8 thangs of popcorn
Yanna: Dang! you gone make us fat lls

Movies starting!!!! ray yells!! Wait pause it i yell! Uhhh what for ray yells back. I gotta blow up our mattresses. Can 1 of y'all help me Roc: I will Me: Thanks * Smiles* Roc: Whispers in my ear: so, what you'd think about last night. Me: What you talkin bout? i say back confused. Roc: i'm talkin bout the kiss slow Me: Ohh, i was bouta say & it was nice. Just nice?. You had your legs around my waist and all you can say is ''nice''?. Well i really i-. He kisses me soft & passionately we pull away slow. How was th- i kiss him back soft & suck his lip while pulling away. Does that answer your question i say freakishly. D@mn girl you gotta stop with all dat teasin, one day gone get some he says with a wink. I see his d!ck grow. I Burst out laughing, whats so funny he asks confused; i point to his d!ck he looks down and start to blush, Awwww you look so cute when you blush, Ohh so you think i'm cute huh? he asks playfully, Thats not what i said, Same thang doe, Nahh don't think so i push him playfully, He pretends that i push him hard and falls, Boy i ain't push you that hard. I'm bringing you down with me he yells playfull. i fall on top of him his d!ck gets h@rd. You really hard to read write now his says looking into my eyes i lean in like i'm about to kiss and i put hand over his mouth when he closes his eyes, i burst into laughter he laughs to. Now come on we gotta get these blow mattresses in dere before people start gettin restless i laugh, we bring a couple in.

We get the rest of the mattresses me & Roc lay down. He pretend to yawn and puts his arm around my neck. That's the oldest trick in the book i giggle softly. What you don't wanna cuddle with me he asks? laughing a lil, Hey i didn't say that? i say back jokingly. He leans in to kiss me i push him away touching his chest. D@mn he gotta pack i think to myself. No kisses? he whispers. Fine i say giggling a lil. i kiss him soft he gets hard. Wanna play i whisper in his ear. He bites his lip, close your eyes, why?? just do it please. alright, i put my hand under the covers and put it in his baskeball shorts. What're you doin? he ask confused, you'll see. i open his boxers a lil a start strokin his d!ck slowly up & down back & forth he mo@ns softly. mmm you like? no i love he whispers. Man what the h3ll goin on back there? Ray saids annoyed. Nothin hun turn back around i say with a sassy attitude . Tianna; I thought i heard some mo@nin back there she said's curiously. Well you must be listening to hard to the movie Roc said's laughing a lil.Yanna: Man i y'all needa get a room Shay: Like forreal doe. Ight d@mn y'all chill we just playin i say playfully.

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