Love don't cost a thang

Love don't cost a thang

'' Talk that talk to me all night'' My phone rings at 3am
Me: Hello!?
Roc: Jasmine can u-
Me: Cuts him off I'm srry but wht da heck? why would u call me this late??
Roc: I'm so sorry but i REALLY needa tell u somthin can u come over??
Me : Sure but whats it about??
Roc: you'll see when u get here k?
Me: Alright
- End of telephone convo

Chapter 1

The next move

Walks across the street
Roc:Good you're here!
Me: What u wanna tell me??

Roc's POV
Uhh how do i tell her how i feel (i thinifk to myself) she's so beautiful & i don't wanna rush into anything, just take my time and relax. we've been friends since head start, and when it was time for nap time me and her would sleep on the same mat, the teacher would get mad and call our parents good times, i think back.i smile at her and wipe my hands on my basketball shorts & sit her on the couch. She locks her brown eyes with mine as i open my mouth to tell her. Jasmine.....i like you, but i didn't know how to tell you, your just so beautiful & i was afraid it would be akwarddd if i told you, you know?

I sat there shocked & confused making sure i heard him right, Did you just say-. He cut me off & kissed me then let go, i looked into his brown eyes & kissed him back. He picked me up & i wrapped my legs around his waist, he squeezed me thigh, Somebody opened there door & walked into the kitchen it was Princeton, Danq! i whispered softly, just wait till he go back to his room Roc whispered back, i gotta get back home before my parents notice i'm gone. Alright well i hope we can finish this conversation tommorw i kissed him 1 last time & ran back home.

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