Mindless Behavior Love Story { Prince ;) }

Chapter 2

My Girl 143


*Princeton meets up with Channel and gets to the theater*
Prince-Thanks for coming.. It means alot
Channel- Your welcome. Every guy needs at least one chance. You never know unless you try :)
Prince- So after this movie wanna grab a bite at the pizza parlor? I'll pay!!
Channel- Maybe..
Prince- Oh movies starting
*Princeton and Channel end up holding hands*
*movie finishes.. They let go of hands*
Channel- Oh sorry!
Prince- It's all right I don't care..
Channel- You actually say sorry, offer to buy me things and actually treat me well.
Prince- I already said.. I'm not like those other guys you dated in the past.. I take care of girls and make them feel special.. Your SO funny, beautiful and I hope we get to go on another date.
Channel- Wow.. Thanks! I guy with a soft side..
*Everyone leaves theater*
*Channel raps arm around Princeton's neck while he starts to hold her waist*
Prince- hey babe?
*Channel gives Prince dirty look*
Prince- What!? Look what were doing.. you like me, I like you.. Come one your mine now -.-
*Channel giggles.. They look into each others eyes*
Prince- It's tru--
*Channel stops Princeton*
Channel- Shut up and kiss me already..
*Princeton smiles and ki$$ Channel*
Channel- That kiss.. Never felt so real!!
*Princeton kisses her on check twice*
Channel- ahah! Lets get out of here!! Look
Prince- HOLY S H ! T.. LOL Lets go!!
*Princeton and Channel in front of hotel*
Channel- bye :)
Princeton- Babe
*Channel blushes*
Princeton- Really your still blushing..
*Channel covers her checks.. Princeton kisses her hand by accident*
Prince- Meet here again tomorrow morning..
Channel- Text me darlin ;) MWAH!
Prince- (chuckles) MWAH!
**Princeton opens hotel lobby door.. Guys are here.
Prod, Roc& Ray- Ew! Sounds like your married old people AHAHA H!
Prince- 1. SNOOP! 2. RUDE much..
Ray-What happened?
Roc- did you guys kiss? Did you kiss her?
Prince- Yes, plenty and lets just say that she might really be the one.. Shes my girl
Ray- You're boo <3
Prince- I love the feeling of love!! I'm gonna tell MY GIRL that I love her..
(Princeton and hes girll)

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