Mindless Behavior Love Story { Prince ;) }

Chapter 1

Meet & Greet

Prince- Yo! Look ya'll!!
Ray- Haha! Is that yo girl?
Prod- Haha! Almost!
Prince- Guys i'm not joking, she's... she's.. beautiful
Roc- Ya, ya, ya that's what you said about Janelle.. Look what happened.. She ain't yo girl no more..
Prince- Fine, you guys stay here. I'ma go talk to her..
*Princeton walks over to girl and friends*
Prince- Was-sup ladies!?
Girl- Hi.
Prince- Uh hi! Do you know who I am? I'm Princeton from Mindless Behavior :) And you are?
Girl- I know.. And I'm Channel
Prince- Oh well--
*Channel cuts Princeton off*
Channel- Look here, if you came to ask me out, I DON'T like you.. Sorry to say but damn.. I dated a celebrity before and it didn't end well.. They all just end up being jerks anyways...
Prince- Well I'm not like those other guys. just give me a chance. I'm sweet, funny, romantic, a good listener--
*Channel cuts Princeton off again*
Channel- Sorry. I don't wanna go out with you!
Prince- k :/ Sorry for interrupting...
*Princeton walks back*
Prod-Soo man.. how'd it go?
Prince- Can we just walk back to the hotel.. please!
*The boys arrive at hotel*
Roc- Whoa!! It was so bad Prince is hardly talking!!
Prince- Cause I'm tired...go to bed
Ray- Isn't that Prince's lover right there out the window!
*Princeton runs to window*
*Princeton runs outside*
Channel turns around*
Channel- Hi.. What do you want?
Prince- A chance. Will you go to the movies with me.. If you still don't like me after the movie, tell me and i'll stop bugging you.. If you do like me.. Well then.. your my girl.
Channel- Your girl?!!
Prince-Oviously :)
*Channel blushes a little*
Fine! One date won't hurt..
Prince- Meet you here in 1 hour?!
Channel- Ya.. okay
*Channel bites lip, skips away happily*
*Princeton gets back to hotel*
Prod- Soo?
Prince- Soo what?
Ray- yo man stop play-in' haha,what happened?
Roc- He kissed her...
Prince- No i'm going out with her in a hour..
Roc- Oh
Ray- Your girl is kind of.. uhh. cute
*Princeton looks up fast and angrily*
Ray-But soo not my type.. CHILL BRO! :D

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