if you care read ...

Chapter 1

if you care read

If you care for sick and needy children......
If you care for people with cancer......
If you care for people with diseases.....
If you care for people who can't do the same thing as us.......
If you care for the homeless.......
If you care for hurt and neglected animals.......

.....then you are a good person. If you are a good person and care about me, then please keep reading. You see, today my grandma got into a car accident. She's in the hospital right now and thankfully is talking and only has a few scrapes and bruises. But the reason I told you this is because there are people out there worse than my grandma and other people, like the ones mentioned above. If you care about everything mentioned above then please forward this message. Show everyone that their life isn't miserable if they don't get the new ipod or iphone. Show everyone you care, and please forward this message.

Thank you for reading,

NOTE: I did not make this. I am forwarding it.

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