Stars in the Night(a Twilight love story)

This is a group story by Luke'sArcade4ever and donesha

Chapter 1

To La Push we go

"We are going to have fun Kay," My older sis,Jessica said.We were heading to La Push for the summer.Our uncle lived there and we wanted to see him.
"Yeah and Uncle Jim is going to be thrilled," I said.
"Yep and the guys are going to be all over us," That was all she could think of.I didnt care if they were all over me or not,I just want to have fun.
We get there about an hour later.Uncle Jim was waiting outside for us.
"Girls welcome.Its good to have you here!" He said giving the both of us big bear hugs.
"Uncle Jim," We said together.He took our things into the house.I smelt pizza and there was.
"After you girls eat and get settle you can go to the beach," Uncle Jim said.
"There's a beach?" Jess said.He nodded
"Good thing I made you get that swimsuit right?" Jess said.
"Yep.Now I'm gonna get me some pizza," I said,grabing a slice.After we got done eating I went into the room I was staying in and started unpacking.I took my iHome on the dresser and put in my iPod touch and played some Pitbull.I had just finished when Jess came in with her swimsuit on.
"Are you ready?" She said.
"Give me a minunte ok," I said closing my door.I put my swimsuit and walked out.
"Hot," Jess said.
"Sorry but your not my type," I said,giggling.We walked out into the living room.
"Bye Uncle Jim.We will be back later," Jess said.
"Ok have fun," He said,not taking his eyes off the tv.We walked out the door and into the car and left.

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