A Mindless Fanfic. : I love you.

A Mindless Fanfic. : I love you.

Prod : Yo, is it just me or has Kiesha been buggin lately? >:/
Ray : Naw, you right. She has been buggin lately.
Prod : Exactly, I don't even do anything and I get in trouble. WTH?
The boys : Uhh, yeah we do actually.
Kiesha : No ya'll don't.You guys move SO SLOW. Maybe you need assistants or something.
Prince : Make sure they hot ;)
Kiesha : Go to your room.
Prince : But I- (gets cut off)
Kiesha : NOW

Chapter 31

Happily ever after. ^_^

by: tifftff5
-- 1 YEAR LATER --
[Tiffany's Point of view]
This is my daughter Kharisme`. She's 4. ( Ka-rizz-mah) She looks a little like this : http://www.baby-pictures.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Black-Baby-Girl-Photos.jpg
She's my world. I love her to death.
[End of Tiffany's Point of view]
Kharisme` : Mommy, can you read me a story before I go to sleep? :]
Tiffany : Hmm...how about I tell you one instead?
Kharisme` : Okay :D
Tiffany : So once upon a time, there was this girl who was in love with this band right? And she entered this thing so she got to be one of their assistants. And she got to go everywhere with them and she was so thankful for it. But, she had a huge crush on one of the members, and at first he was really mean to her, but he told her that he liked her and over a while "like" turned into "love". So, one day the boy decided to introduce the girlfriend to his family and the boys dad said he couldn't be with her anymore because there was another chick that knew the boy before his girlfriend did right? And that chick still liked him but he didn't like her anymore and her family thought she should be with him, and so did his family. So he had to leave his girlfriend for that chick and they were together for YEARS. And through those years, the boy and his ex-girlfriend had fights and sometimes weren't fighting but in the end, the boy was about to marry that chick right?
Kharisme` : :O
Tiffany : I know right! And at the wedding he said he couldn't because he still loved his ex-girlfriend with all his heart. And she loved him too! So the ex-girlfriend's best friends helped them get married and they finally did instead of him marrying that chick. Then they lived happily ever after and had a beautiful daughter named Kharisme`.
Kharisme` : That's the story of you and daddy?
Tiffany : Yes ma'am :]
Kharisme` : That's awesome. I hope I have something like that.
Tiffany : I hope you do too. Goodnight baby. I love you :]
Thanks to everyone who read this it really means a lot to me :] I'm lookin forward to a lot of feedback :D Soooo...yeah. Lol. Tweet me : @vivalatiffany_ ! :] Bye!

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