A Mindless Fanfic. : I love you.

A Mindless Fanfic. : I love you.

Prod : Yo, is it just me or has Kiesha been buggin lately? >:/
Ray : Naw, you right. She has been buggin lately.
Prod : Exactly, I don't even do anything and I get in trouble. WTH?
The boys : Uhh, yeah we do actually.
Kiesha : No ya'll don't.You guys move SO SLOW. Maybe you need assistants or something.
Prince : Make sure they hot ;)
Kiesha : Go to your room.
Prince : But I- (gets cut off)
Kiesha : NOW

Chapter 3

Part 3 - Performance

by: tifftff5
* The girls watching from backstage *
Chasity - Yo! They killin it man!
Wintana - I know! Omg, look at Ray! :]
Chasity - You like him?
Wintana - YES. But don't tell him pleaseee.
Chasity - I won't, I promise.
Wintana - Thankyou :]
Chasity - Why don't you two go out sometime then?
Wintana - Eh, I don't think he's gonna ask me out soon..
Chasity - You never know. Go for it. Just tell him you like him, cause it's obvious he likes you back..JUST SAYIN.
Wintana - You think so? :]
Chasity - DUH.
* The boys finish performing and run backstage *
Tiffany : * Staring at Prod *
Prodigy : What?
Tiffany : * Snaps out of it * Huh? Oh. Nothing.
Prodigy : Uhh, ok..* walks away *
Princeton : We did amazing right? :]
Chasity : Yeah, I'm so proud of ya'll. :]
Roc : Thanks Chas :] Oh, did I tell you how pretty you looked tonight?
Chasity : Aww, thankyou Roc :]
Wintana : Hey...where's Tiffany and Prod?
( In the dressing room )
Tiffany : * knocks on the door *
Prod : Who is it?
Tiffany : Open the door jerk.
Prod : Oh...you -_- * opens the door *
Tiffany : What's up?
Prod : Nothin.
Tiffany : Oh. Well, I just wanted to say you did good tonight jerk. * smiles *
Prod : You think so?
Tiffany : Mhm. :]
Prod : Well thanks big head.
Tiffany : You're welc-
Wintana : * Walks in * What's going on in here?
Prodigy : Uhh, what do you mean?
Wintana : Oh I was just making sure you guys weren't doing anything....OUT OF THE BOX.
Prodigy : Haha, no. It's not like that between us. Right Tiff?
Tiffany : Wow, you actually called me by my name this time.
Prodigy : What do you mean?
Tiffany : I mean, it's usually big head or loser or something..
Prodigy : Yeah, but like I said...that's just how it is between us :]
Tiffany : Oh. * Disappointed face *
Wintana : Well, this is awk. Peace! * leaves *
Ray : They like each other don't they?
Wintana : It's too obvious.

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