A Mindless Fanfic. : I love you.

A Mindless Fanfic. : I love you.

Prod : Yo, is it just me or has Kiesha been buggin lately? >:/
Ray : Naw, you right. She has been buggin lately.
Prod : Exactly, I don't even do anything and I get in trouble. WTH?
The boys : Uhh, yeah we do actually.
Kiesha : No ya'll don't.You guys move SO SLOW. Maybe you need assistants or something.
Prince : Make sure they hot ;)
Kiesha : Go to your room.
Prince : But I- (gets cut off)
Kiesha : NOW

Chapter 1

Part 1 - The Assistants...

by: tifftff5
--The next day--
Kiesha : Boys! Wake up! I have new people you'd like to meet.
The boys : * Run out of the rooms *
All the boys except Prod : Hey.
[?,?,?,?] : Hi.
Princeton : Whoa. You guys are gorgeous. :]
Roc : Yeah, what are your names?
? : I'm Wintana :] [ https://twitter.com/#!/WintaShikor/status/183012229438902272/photo/1 ]
? : I'm Tiffany [ yfrog.com/nho0pj ]
? : I'm Chasity [ http://yfrog.com/nv4piraj ]
? : And I'm Cc [ twitpic.com/8uowpz ]
Wintana : Yeah, so we're your new assistants :] Nice to meet you guys.
The boys : Nice to meet you guys too.
Prodigy : Haha, no offence. But Tiffany I don't think my favorite color looks good on you. Just saying. :P
Tiffany : Well I don't think my favorite color looks good on you either...CLAP BACK.
Prodigy : You're irrelevant. ANYWAY, what are the 8 of us gonna do first? Park? Chill? EAT? Cause ya'll know a dude like to eat.
Tiffany : Uhh, I am NOT chilling with you any where. Come on girls. They exit the room
Prodigy : Who said you would come with us anyway? HAAA.
Tiffany : Turns back around Well you did say the EIGHT of us. Unless that means you don't know how to count. You stupid?
Prodigy : I may be stupid. But I'm gettin money.
Tiffany : Yeah, I don't even know why I decided to be here.
Prodigy : Well maybe you shouldn't be so mean.
Tiffany : Well maybe YOU shouldn't be so mean.
Prodigy : I am NOT mean. I just don't like you.
Tiffany : I DON'T LIKE YOU EITHER. Seriously, stop talking to me. Ew. Exits the room again
Princeton : Well....that was uhh....interesting.
Ray : Dang, ya'll JUST met and ya'll hating on each other.
Prod : Not hating on her. I just don't like something about her. Like ew.
Roc : Chill. She's beautiful.
Prod : Are you serious? She may be on the outside. But not on the inside.
Roc : How can you say that when you don't even know her yo?
Princeton : C-H-I-L-L
Prod : Whatever...

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