Going Down in Dead Stlye

Going Down in Dead Stlye

;) enjoy and have a thrill (dont read at night,horror movie watch, or more lol X3)

Chapter 1

Nothing left but to scream or cry

This twisted world
Falling to ruin
In such darkness
A hollow land full of insanity
Screams of every corner
A never end nightmare
A broken place of skulls
Wandering souls lost at peace
The smell of blood and guts
Making a faint heart go mad
Looking at this human grave hole
Falling in with my dead friends
Gonna wake up as a dead one
Blood pumping among the heartless shadows
A whole eternity of corruption
The melody of chaos
Feeling my heart in fire
Burning down my wall of sane
A clash of horror and mad
Humans going berserk
One by one
A dead game of survival
No one but a clown can laugh
The humor of dread
A tragedy of a lost world
Blood swallowing up everything
A web with no escape by the monster
Let this blood on my hands
Wake my animal
Slashing through the edge of darkness
Letting my morals slip away
Make this fear be mine
I'll fight as one with the dead
Taking back this fallen place
Let my bones break
Let me loose blood
On sunset I'll have this world
Then fall into my coffin
Put to rest
My body scattered around
Midnight the world is my playground
The new queen of the dead
I'll rip open the door of horror
Welcome home fresh meat blood.


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