To Love And To Wait.....(A Marauder Love Story)

Hope You Like It:)

Chapter 1

Character:)/ You Leave No Choice

Name: Lexie Blue
Year: 5th
Looks:Like The Picture(Blue Eyes, Long Wavy Brunetter Hair)
Blood Status: Mudblood
Personality: Happy Girl, Kind, Sweet, Smart, Loyal, and Hardworking. Likes To Smile and Laugh, Hates It When People Mistreat Others.
Family: Mom, Dad, 4 Sisters, 5 Brothers
Brothers that are Wizards: Allan(4th Year), Emmett(7th Year;Spencer's Twin Brother)
Sisters that are Witches: Ally(1st Year), Spencer(7th Year; Emmett's Twin Sister)

I was making my way, through the narrow hall of the train, trying to find a empty compartment. I wasn't really paying attention when I bumped into someone, making me drop my bag which was half open so some of my belongings flew out.
I looked up to see Sirius standing there shocked. Out of all the people in this freaking train I had to bump into him, why!?
My mind went back in time, it went back to this summer that had just passed. Let's just say Sirius and I had a romantic enconture...the whole summer. I really did fell for him, but, little that I knew, I was just a joke to him.
"Sorry,"I mumble as I bent down to grab my bag and stuff. To my surprise he bent down to help me. He picked up a fimiliar looking object, which I quickly grabbed from his hand and put in the bag. It was the necklace he had giving me. He looked confused and surprised.
I quickly put everything in the bag and stood up. I started to leave but his voice stoped me.
"Rexie,"he called out, using the nickname he used all summer long. I turned around and waited for the rest.
"I'm really sorry,"he said. I'm not sure if it was because he bumped into me or if it was because what happened during summer.
"Don't worry, I was the one that bumped into you,"I replied deciding it was because I bumped into him. He opened his mouth to say something, but my little sister Ally came and got me.
"Come on Lexie, we found an empty compartment,"she said excited, and then she noticed Sirius,"Oh, hi Sirius!"
Ally had met Sirius because one day I was stuck baby sitting her, and Sirius came over to help.
"Hey Ally-Cat,"replied Sirius with a sweet smile and while using his nickname for her. She simply smiled back before dragging me out of there.

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