My pure ecstasy(lesbian story)

Warning:DIRTY so if you dont like it get the h3ll off ....thank you and have a good day. :)

Chapter 1

Finally she's coming again

The Ecstasy of feelings I was having were purely bliss. It was more than the wanting of something, it was the Need of that thing that drove me crazy. But right now more then anything I needed her, I wanted to feel her body against mine and I wanted to be able to breath in the sweet aroma that lingured off of her perfume. I couldn't wait any longer it had been almost two days since I last saw her and well lets just say .... that night was one of the best nights of my life! So as I dialed her number my heart began to race. What if she didnt want to talk to me?? What if she just concedered me as a one night stand?? Well that is her job isnt it, to be a pornstar?? Dang but she did it so well, the way she moved her hips and the way how she knew just what to do. I could care less what her job was I just wanted her to be mine. The phone rang once,twice, three times on the fourth ring I could her the dial click and her pick up. "Hey sexy, I see you miss me all ready" She said purring into the phone. I had to hold back a gulp and pretend like I was fine. "Hey Roxane" I said trying my best not to sound nervous. "Let me guess, you want to have some fun?? I do have to admit though you have to be the best person in bed that I've ever slept with" she said giggiling into the phone. It was my turn to try and sound seductive."Well I wouldnt mind if you dropped by, but I might just have to keep you captive for a while" I said smiling. "Well I like that Idea.....I'll be there in a few" Roxane said then hanging up the phone. I dropped my phone on the bed and fell backwards on to it. As my heart raced I then thought about something.....What should I wear?? Finally after minutes of searching I found a black with hot pink lacy bra and a hot pink push-up bra that made my boobs look huge. Then I procced to slip on a pair of fish net stocking and a very low-cut see threw white t-shirt.I even had to admit I thought I looked hot but before I could do anything else I could hear a knock come from my door. "Coming!" I all but yelled becoming flustered....what if she didnt like it???What if it was to much?? Oh well it was to late now! As I slowly opened the door I felt her eyes narrow in on to my body causing me to suddenly become very self-consious. "Damn!" Roxane said coming into the house and locking the door closed. (I lived in a small little one story house by myself) I couldn't help but blush as she said that which made her giggle. Then out of nowhere she starts inching closer to me "I want you so badly" She whispers seductively while pushing me up against one of the walls.


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