My mainly negative opinion on The Hunger Games Series.

This is going to get me in trouble. Ha ha. Enjoy. ~DISCLAIMER: May contain spoilers :D~ The title will not be changed. If you hadn't noticed I say more negative things than positive, making it "mainly negative" WOOP!

And If Suzanne Collins ever finds this, well... Awkward.

Chapter 1

The Hunger Games

With all the hype, and everyone talking about it, I had high expectations. I borrowed the book from a friend and read a few chapters. I refuse to finish it. The main reason is because it had more Mary-Sues than Twilight.

The book was bland. Very, very bland. I don't like bland pasta and I hate bland books! Too simple, predictable. The characters had no depth, almost no personality, making it hard to get to know them. They were bland. The plot was drowned out by violence. I understand that the point of The Games is violence but Collins took it a little too far. Don't get me wrong, I love violence, yeah... The over-used love triangle also irritated me.

Katniss Everdeen, Collins' main Mary-Sue, annoyed me the most. As stated before, she had no personality and was quite frankly bitchy. I think Collins was going for defiant, strong-willed and brave, but she ended up with a bitch. And not a cool one.

And now for praise because I really do not want to go into my thoughts on Peeta Mallark and Gale Hawthorne, the other points of the triangle.

The plot of book was original,(~edit~ Not really, I Googled another thing called "Battle Royale"... Awkward) and it had such potential to be a good book but it didn't really meet expectations.

To me, I see it as similar to Twilight. You can tell me it's different (and I would say no shit) but if you think Twilight is a piece of trash, and most do for some of the reasons I didn't enjoy the Hunger Games, I don't really see how you liked the book so much. Some times I think that people on here just "follow the crowd" with the hate on Twilight and the love of The Hunger Games.

Oops, jumped back into negativity there...

I thought the movie was fantastic. I can deal with Mary-Sues in film, because they have an excuse not to go into life detail about characters because I know they only have so much time they can make a film. I enjoyed how it was filmed, with the different camera angles and the blurring. The quality of acting was pretty good. And well, Josh, :P And how I could yell "Peeniss"...

Actually the first half hour or so was amazing, that little girl that portrayed Primrose Everdeen made me get all tear-y when she was yelling. She's going to be so big in movies in future, I swear.

In conclusion, well... I think it sucked and in no way deserves the hype from you all. Especially since a lot of you, the users of Quibblo, are better writers, and know a lot better than to love Mary-Sues.

Well, that brings us to the end and have a nice day, go easy on me "super-fans" xP Comment or whatever c:

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