I Live To Die

I Live To Die

Okay, so this story... It involves everyone I know in real life. You can decide for yourselves if you want to believe if it's real or not. Your choice. I'm not telling. And no matter what you read... think about it.

Chapter 3


by: Subrina

"Honestly Lily, I know that I should know this by now... but why are we moving again?" I asked, staring out the car window, looking as bored as ever. My hair fell in front of my face and I brushed it away with my hand. Lily, still looking exactly the same age, sighed.

"I thought you would like Florida, Subrina. Lots of hot guys to stare at." She said, winking and sticking her tongue out. I smiled and Lily poked Justin. "Right Justin? You excited for the pretty girls?" She asked. I laughed and kicked the back of his seat. He smiled and looked at Lily.

"I thought we weren't allowed to have friends." He said, playfully hitting her in the arm, which turned out to be a hard punch. Justin was incredibly strong. Lily glared at him.

"That hurt asshole." She said. Justin and I laughed as Lily rolled her eyes. "And no, you're not supposed to be making friends. But come on guys. Subrina, you're fourteen now, and Justin, you're sixteen. Neither of you have had your first kiss yet, and, let me say... that is just sad. She said, shaking her head. Justin put his feet up and put his Aviator sunglasses on.

"Oh, I'm going to get more than a kiss in California." He said, smiling. Lily and I both laughed.

"Don't have too much fun, tiger." Lily said, getting back to focusing on the road. Justin's eyes lingered on her for a moment, then he popped his headphones in. I looked at my phone. The only contacts I had were Justin and Lily. It felt as if I hadn't started truly living yet. And about the kiss, who cared? Why would you kiss someone if you're not in love with them? And I had never been in love before. I often wondered what it felt like... oh whatever. I closed my eyes and drifted into a deep sleep.

* * *
"Subrina. Subrina come on, don't die on me now. Wake up. Wake up."

"Wha..." I said sleepily. Justin loomed over my seat in the car, smiling.

"We're here. At the house. In California." He said, going to the back to help Lily with our suitcases. I grinned and jumped out of the car. We were here! I ran inside to look at the house, but Lily grabbed my arm.

"No way kiddo. I go in first." She said, walking into the house. I crossed my arms over my chest and made a pouting face. Justin grinned behind me at my attitude. Lily always had to be the first to go in, whether we liked it or not. I still didn't know why she did it. She was just too cautious. What did she think could possibly be in our house? I turned on my heels and went to get my bag. I took it from Justin, who was looking intently at the house. I smacked his arm. He looked down at me.

"What's wrong Justin? You look... faraway." I said, making dramatic motions with my hands. He gave me a fake smile.

"I was just wondering why she always goes in there first. By herself." He added at the end, as if an after-thought that he hadn't meant to say out loud. I looked at the huge house and shrugged.

"I don't know. But if someone were in there, she could take them down easily. We've seen Lily fight. She's like a cougar."

"A pissed cougar." Justin said with a smile. I smiled too. I looked at the house and saw Lily's light brown hair coming towards us. Justin closed the back door and we went to meet Lily half-way. She smiled.

"It's all good." She said. Just like every other time, I thought to myself. We went into the house and I gasped. It was beautiful. There were spiral staircases on either side of the huge entrance room and the whole place was made of a perfect white marble. And once again, it had a great view of the ocean. I laughed like a crazy person and ran up to see my room, dragging my suitcase behind me. Running through the halls, I finally came to my room. I dropped my suitcase in awe and stepped into the room.

It was all in the darkest shade of blue, my favorite color. There was a large window, and a dresser. The bed was like sitting on a cloud. I even had my own bathroom! I ran into it. It was pretty big, with a huge shower and multiple sinks. There was a closet filled with towels and shampoo, conditioner, hair brushed. But... what was that room? I tried the door knob, but it was locked. There was a little hole where a key should go. Weird. I leaned my ear against the door and heard something. A clicking noise. Almost like gears. I frowned to myself and walked down the stairs.

"Lily?" I shouted. Her head poked out from whatever room she had been in.

"Yeah sweetie?" She asked, brushing herself off.

"There's a door and it's locked. Do you have any keys?" I asked. Lily shook her head. I looked more closely at her. I frowned and pointed. "Is that... a spider web in your hair?" I asked. She frowned and felt in her hair. She pulled it out and blushed.

"Yeah, it is. This place is pretty old, and I was just... looking around." She said, heading back to the place she had been. Wherever that was. Justin emerged from his room and looked at me.

"Do you have..."

"A weird room in my bathroom that is locked? Yeah." I said in a hurry. I was super-curious now. Justin frowned.

"Um... I was going to say a good view of the ocean... but okay." He said, heading back into his room. I frowned and ran into my room. I needed to find that key, even if it kills me. I jumped around my room, searching every door and closet, every nook and cranny. After dinner, I went to go to sleep. I couldn't do it. Sleep wouldn't come. I sighed and walked out of my room and into the hallway. Lily had told us not to wander but screw it, I was bored. I unlocked the door and let myself out. There were a couple trees behind the house heading towards the beach, and I found a small sand path to walk on. I felt the soft sand beneath my toes and smiled. I looked up and the ocean spanned before me.

I walked onto the beach itself and felt a soft breeze. I closed my eyes and spread my arms out. Almost instantly, the wind picked up, making my hair fly out behind me. I laughed and spun in circles. Maybe California wouldn't be so bad. Maybe we would stay here for good.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Said a soft voice beside me. If I didn't see her I would have thought that it was just my imagination. I looked to my left and saw a girl. When and how did she get here? She looked about my age. She had long red hair. It flowed out behind her and was like a fire raging behind her. She had a kind, but sad, face. Her eyes were light, eggshell blue. She looked at me and smiled weakly. I couldn't help but smile back. It didn't even bother me that I had just met this person, a total stranger. She just made me feel suddenly calm and relaxed.

"Yes, it is beautiful here." I said, looking back at the ocean. She smiled more broadly, obviously pleased that I felt the same way about the ocean.

"So you think there are such things as mermaids?" She asked, looking in my direction. I tilted my head questioningly.

"I guess I haven't really thought about that kind of thing. I suppose it could be possible for them to exist. It would be a strange mix of fish and human GNA, I guess." I said, mumbling off to myself how the science of it would work. I barely noticed that the strange girl next to me was smiling at me.

"My name is Tueri." She said, holding out her hand. I looked at it. What a strange name. I shook her hand, but when I tried tot let go she held firm. She gazed into my eyes with anticipation. Did she want me to say my name?

"My name is..." I should lie to her, just like everyone else. "Amanda." I said, sprouting the first name that came into my head. Amanda was a girl back in Florida who annoyed the crap out of me. Tueri let out a soft laugh.

"You're lying." She said, giggling to herself. I looked at her as she looked at me.

"Why would I lie?" I said calmly, trying to hide my fear. How did she know I as lying? Was she some sort of psychic? Tueri tapped her chin thoughtfully, making her red hair sway.

"You're here with your older brother and you guardian." She started. I took a step back. What... She looked me dead in the eye, the smile gone from her face. "I've been watching you since you arrived here. Even though it's only been a day, you're already found the room. The locked one. You need a key..." She trailed off. I stayed where I was. She had caught my attention and she knew I wasn't going anywhere. Her smile returned. "You don't need to worry, I'm a friend. Or... I will be. After all, my name is Latin for 'protect'. I won't let you down. Oh, and here. I thought you would want this." She said, lifting her hand.

She pulled a chain around her neck and lifted it up so I could see what was on the end of it. She took the necklace off and placed it in my hand. "A welcome gift." She said as I took it. It was a long silver chain. At the end of it was a medium sized key, made of onyx. It had a pattern that looked like vines thanking up the side. I put it round my head

"Wow. Thank you!" I said, smiling and looking up. Tueri was gone.

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