Feed The Croc!

Feed The Croc!

Hope you like lol XD kinda had fun doing this point of view poem of Killer Croc ^^

Chapter 1

Give me your meat

I have your smell...
You'll be my lunch
I'll feed on your bones
Your in my lair
Let your blood fill this water
I'm the killer monster
The one in your nightmares...
But right under the ground you walk
The crime I will make...
Will be eating you up whole
Your nothing but food
A walking meat suit
I'll rip you apart
Like a pack wolves
Claw out your throat
Watch me devour the bat
Break him in spots that even Bane can't do
Stupid human fools...
Try to trap me in a mad house
I'm no clown!
Watch your selves
Chain me up, I'll break free
Shock me to death, it tickles
I'm no pet you want here
Throwing meat down to keep me fed
Just throw your body down here
Then the real fun could begin
I'll hunt you down bats
Your skull will be the best trophy
Placed upon my pile of past foods
I'm getting hungry...
I got your sent...
See you very soon...
...Tick Tock....(laughs)


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