It dose not have a title yet but soon it will

This is one page of the book I am making hope you like it so far cuz I can put anymore for now.

Chapter 1

there is no chapters I think but injoy it when you still can its not done yet but still working on the book its going to be a book and its not done yet hope you injoy what I got right now

The little town of japan with two boys named Tim and Jim age's 18 and 19. In a little house. Key Tim. Yes Jim. What do you want to go some where Tim? Where will we go Jim? How about we go to the United States and see what we can find us something and come back here and be best friends once more Jim. Lets go Tim to the docks now Tim. Ok lets take your car tot he docks now Tim. We are here Jim. Where is the boat Tim? There it is Jim. Hello you two how may I help you? Well we like to go some where if you can. Well I know where you two are going it will be free for you two. Ok are you ready Tim? Yes how about you Jim? Yes I am ready lets go on the boat now. Where are we going sir? Call me Mr.Fox, We are here you two go to the little house and I will be there and cook you two something when I get there. Lets go to the little house that Mr.Fox is talking about Tim. Ok Jim lets go. That was a long walk Tim. Good thing we are here Jim. Yes it is TIm and lets go sit down and read a book when we wait for Mr.Fox to come back.


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