Unless ~Lorax Fanfiction~

Yes. Everyone loves the Once-ler... No exceptions. None. At all. So do I... Hence this. You are all welcome~! \(^o^)/

Chapter 1

The Girl

He sighed, bored out of his mind. The Once-ler had been traveling ages, and had found nothing. Nada. Zip. It was pouring rain, and darker than black. He needed to stay awake, though. He couldn't stop. He had to... Had to stay... Stay awake! Jolting up, Once-ler squinted into the darkness to try see where he was going. Finally he gave up, sinking comfortably in his wagon as his mule kept slow-going.


He woke up, flying out of his seat and crashing into the dirt. "Woah!!!" Once-ler sat up, shaking the dirt off of him. "What was that?" He got up, going around the wagon to see what it was...

Just to see a woman. Half on the road. Her long orange soaked hair was just covering up her shivering body. He stared at her for a moment. "Did I just... Run her over...? Better make sure she's okay..." He shuffled over to the side of the road and grabbed a stick. Then he leaned over her and flipped her hair out of her face with the stick. "She's... Pretty..." Once-ler jumped back when she groaned, turning over. "And alive!" He looked around and frowned. "I should stop talking to myself and get her safe and clothed... Yeah... Good idea..." He carefully picked up the small woman and carried her onto the wagon, and he took off.


Yeah, pretty much all you're gonna get right now. ^-^ Much more next time, though. Sorry for the repetitive 'he's' -__-


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