Girls Only-The First Quarter Quell

The title explains it all.
The Hunger Games is owned by Suzanne Collins, and is not ours!
Written by animegirl3 and MichaelJacksonChik

Chapter 1

Character Info

Name: Lynx Renesme
Age: 13
Personality: quiet, sweet, mysterious, keeps to herself, doesnt talk much, dangerous when holding a weapon
Appearance: long dark brown hair with black streaks, chocolate brown eyes, small build (4'11"), pale skin, flexible
Weapon of Choice: bow and arrow, knives
Strengths/weaknesses: s-climbing(like a little monkey), running, hiding(camouflage), plant identification w-hunting, befriending(yet knows who to trust), hand to hand, spears
Token: a bracelet with a metal heart on it
Other: had a hard life growing up, is forced to work in a lab in her district, loves to climb so her nickname is "little monkey"

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