I Never Kiss And Tell ~Cameron Boyce Love Story

I Never Kiss And Tell ~Cameron Boyce Love Story

Ok you probably don't know who Cameron Boyceis so imma tell you.He plays the role Luke on the Disney Cahnnel show Jessie?He is such a cutie which made me write this.He iso nly like 12 so yeah prbably like no freaky deeky till they get a little older so read.

Chapter 1


Katie Hudson -12beginning 16 middle 4'5beginning.Brown long hair.Hazel eyes.Hobbies are singingf dancing and cheering and she can have her random moments.Purple fav color

Cameron Boyce 12 beginning 16 middle 4'8.Freckles.Brown hair.Brown eyes Hobbies are acting and dancing.Fav color green

Marissa Thompson 11behinning 15 middle.4'6.Long black wavy hair.Hazel eyes.Hobbies are cheerleading and dancing.Katies B.F.F.Fav color sky blue

Crysta Thompson 9beginning 13middle 4'4.medium legnth dark red head.Brown eyes.Marissa sister.Fav color Hot Pink

Kate Hudson 16beginningOlder sister of Katie Hudson.5'4.Long wavy/curly brown hair.Hobbies are the pom pom team and sinnging.Fav color Lime Green

Bradley Steven Perry 4'8.Act.Brown hair.Brown eyes.Fav color green.12 Beginning 16Middle*

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