We care(repost)

Chapter 1

We care

I am blind,
I can not see,
I am deaf,
I can not hear,
I am mute,
I can not speak,
But I have feelings too.
I can not see,
But I hear your teasing
I can not hear,
But I see your pointing
I can not talk,
But I know your laughing
You tease me,
You mock me,
You laugh at me,
You tease because I am unique,
Because there is something different about me,
You tease because I have to use a wheelchair,
Or I do not talk quite right,
You tease because I am not as smart as you,
Or not as thin as you.
I hope you’re aware,
Of all the pain your causing,
Pain that I try to ignore,
But it never goes away,
It never goes away because you don’t stop,
You don not stop teasing,
Or laughing,
Or pointing,
Or staring.
I feel hurt too,
I have feelings,
And I try my best to tell you what you are doing to me,
But you wont listen.
I will never be able to see,
Or speak,
Or hear,
But I will always have feelings,
And no matter what you say or do,
I will always know I am unique.

(Repost this if you care when people tease people. Whether it be because they can't see, can't hear, can't talk, can't walk, aren't thin, or don't talk quite right, let's let them know we care, and let's let the teasers know how much it hurts them.)


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