Question Mark

Question Mark

I was bored lol but had fun with a poem like point of view of one of Batman's villians :3

Chapter 1

Dear Gotham

Here's a riddle for ya...
Who's all green and smart all over?
I can make your life one big puzzle
Stuck in a maze of the mad
How sad as I hold the key
Get lost in my land of fun
With no answers but more questions
What a silly bat
Flying into every trap
This no game to have a laugh
I'm not that guy, I'm a nightmare with style
Twisting the mind
A true pleasure
Your on my hand of fate
A short life I see
I'm no wizard
But a complete genius
Your nothing but a toy box
I can twist and turn you in any way
You always break like a doll
Try to hide it inside
I'll solve you then you go boom
Unless the bat comes...that cheater
Mind if I play with your mind?
I promise not leave you mentally damaged
Feel the power of Nygma
May be your last...
What is all red and with a question mark?
Give up...?
Batman stabbed with my cane, The Riddler.


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