Blood Set Stones

Chapter 1


“Aveen Marie Kinsley” father called from somewhere outside my door. I lifted my head, but only just. He yanked the doors to my room wide open and let two of the maid’s in. “father, tis too early” I murmured laying my head back down. Annabelle yanked open the floor curtains revealing my balcony. “Tis not early, you sleep far too long my dear” he said approaching the side of my bed and laying his hand onto mine. “What time do you suppose it is?” he asked raising one of his think black eyebrows. “Well I supposed it to be around 9 this morning.” “Ha” he barked out a laugh, it wasn’t surprising. He memorized the bongs the father clocks gave when it hit a certain hour. All I heard was a loud bong, but he heard certain pitches. I told him I had no care for the stupid clock, he must just suppose I’m playing rebellious. “Its 12 noon my love” he gave me his warm smile and I rolled out of bed. One of the two maid’s was my dressing maid, why father insisted on her dressing me I am not exactly positive. Maybe it was because of the corset that was in need of tying on the back. I hated them; I was never able to breathe comfortably. My dress today consisted of a light blue trail on the dress and a lime green corset. This was my favorite dress because of the colors.
“What do we have to do today?”
“Im running a few errands but while im out a guest of mine may arrive so I will need you to stay here and entertain him until I return.” He took my arm and led me out of the room. “He is a good friend of mine, make him feel welcome and DON’T leave his side. Do you understand?” “I will sew myself to him if necessary” I said with a wink. I couldn’t sew to save my life but it seemed practical. “You may as well” I heard him murmur. He looked distracted so I didn’t comment on his lack of trust, wither he didn’t trust me or the guest I wasn’t sure but I felt insulted.
“When are you going?” I asked after a short silence. There was another silence as we went down a dark hallway. The carpet was a blue green that matched the grey walls. We had pillars on both sides, my favorite hiding place in the whole house. “I have to take my leave in a few minutes actually” he sighed. He prized this home as much as I did so when it came to departure; neither of us was at all ready to go.

Journal 1

Father seems to not trust me alone still; after mom died he was never the same. The maids don’t know what to do when he is in a fit so they lie low. Father just went out to drink, he is going more and more often; old fool! I don’t think he see’s what he is doing to me when he leaves. He has taken to spending more time with his hand maid by the way.

I have to watch after a mister Vladimir gravis. I’ve heard a lot about him… I don’t think I have seen him though. People say he is tall, about 6 feet 3. Is that normal? I hope he is as beautiful as people say…..

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