One Broad Day

Chapter 1


“I” 18 year old Ashton Ashley’s walked by the grave yard on a cold, dark, stormy October night, on my way to meet my friends the few I had anyway, I paused to look around. Where is every one I thought to myself. Just as I turned to go I was grabbed from behind and a sack was thrown over my head. “Anne! Cassy! Let me go!” I screamed with terror. Cassy was tall 5 foot 7, she had long dark brown hair with light purple streaks that was to her shoulder blades; her eyes were a chalky gray almost purple. Anne was shorter 4 foot 11 to be exact; she had blonde hair and beautiful crystal blue eyes. “What’s wrong Ash?” Cassy cackled. “Anne grab that rope!” Anne handed the rope to Cassy and she tied my hands behind my back. “Cassy this isn’t funny!” Cassy grabbed one of my arms while Anne grabbed the other. They dragged me to a room that was dark and cold but at least I was away from the storm. “Cassy please this isn’t funny!” I screamed. She took my arms and untied them and then retied them in-front of my body. “Please” I whimpered. Cassy took my arms and held them in the air I felt the rope being hung on something. “Anne out” she commanded.

“Cassy please this isn’t funny anymore.” She removed the sack from my head as she rolled her eyes. “Well that’s a little better I can at least see your beautiful face now, but please untie me!” “Not till I ask you something.” I grinned letting millions of things run through my mind number one being how great she looked in her faded blue jeans and American Eagle hoddie.

“Cassy please untie me, I’ll give u a kiss if you do.” I said smiling. “HA!” Cassy Laughed sarcastically. ”What makes you think I’d want a kiss from you?” she sneered. “Oh Cassy that hurts. . .” “Don’t be such a baby.” “Fine, will you ask what you want to ask me already?” “gahhh, your so whiny!”


I started to think back to the night I met Cassy It had been a warm spring night and I was out on a date with Anne, what can I say Anne use to be the apple of my eye, Now I only have a thing for Cassy, but any way back to what I was saying. It was a warm summer night; Anne and I were out for a walk because her mom hated me and didn’t allow me in her house. We had just stopped at a park bench and sat down, when we heard a scream, me being who I am, jumped up and ran to find who had screamed and why. I found Cassy lying on the ground unconscious in an alley. I scooped her up in my arms and rushed her to my house I had forgotten all about Anne. I laid Cassy on my bed and went to get her some water. When I cane back she was sitting up rubbing her head “what happen?” she had asked me. I gave her the water and sat down beside her. “Who are you?” I asked. “My names Cassy I think…”


Cassy waved her hand in front of my glassy purple eyes “Ash? Ashton?” I blinked “Answer my question!!!” I looked around the room “umm yes?” “REALLY!?!?!?” “Yeah…” she pulled my hands off the nail and put them around her neck, she put her arms around me. Oh no what have I done. God I’m so stupid! What did I just agree too… I hugged her back scared of what I had just agreed too. “Please untie me Cassy?” “Sure” She said with a big smile. I lifted my arms up in the air, still wandering what I had agreed to. She took my hands and pulled out a knife, “Easy there Cassy I like my hands where they are.” She rolled her eyes and slid the knife up between my hands slicing the rope. I rubbed my wrists “thanks Cassy.” She hugged me, I still wasn’t sure why, but I hugged her back and kissed the top of her head. I was about 3 inches taller than her which made kissing her head easy.

“Cassy, umm I know you’re not going to like what I’m going to say” she looked at me with a stare so piercing it felt like I had been shot “What did I agree too?” “Well first of all” she smiled “u agreed that if I untied you you’d give me a kiss. Second you agreed to babysit for me while I go out with Sam. Thirdly…” “What. No I’m not babysitting for you; while you go on a date with some two-faced scum bag!” “Excuse me?” she said her voice wasn’t soft and sweet like normal; it was now full of anger and rage. “Cassy picked up the knife” “Whoa whoa whoa whoa Cassy, put the knife down” she held onto the knife “what’s the matter Ash you scared?” she whipped the knife past my head, it stuck in the wall. I looked at her and then the knife and then back at her. Her eyes softened and she smile “Ash I would never hurt you, you know that” she walked over to me and put her hand on my cheek, I longed for her to kiss me but I knew that would never happen. Cassy and I had kissed once and that had been the night I met her, she had slapped me and told me she wasn’t like that. I stared into her beautiful sparkling eyes, there was just enough light in the room to see each other.

“Cassy” I asked. She continued to stare into my eyes “yeah Ash?” “Would you want to go get some pizza and maybe rent a movie and come back to our place?” she smiled “that would fun.”


Cassy was my best friend in the whole world she and I did everything together if I laughed she laughed if I cried she cried if I did anything Cassy was right by my side. My parents had abandoned me when I was just a kid. I was thrown into the foster system until my 18th birthday which just happened to be a week ago to the day today was October 12th. I had already had enough money saved to buy an apartment, the day I turned 18 Cassy and I moved in together. Cassy’s parents had died in a car accident when she was just 14, she had nowhere to go. You could say Cassy and I are closer than sisters. I love her so much… but she doesn’t know that I’m in love with her. I’ve been in love with Cassy since the first time I laid eyes on her April 3rd at 6:30 pm to be exact. Geeky I know but I remember.


Cassy grabbed my hand and started to pull me out of the building. I blinked repeatedly trying to come back from space. “I hate when you do that” she grimaced as I followed her outside. “Do what Cass?” “Stare off into space like that it bugs me and makes me worried.” “Oh I’m sorry, Where are we?” “It’s ok. Where in a grave yard” “Yeah Cass I uhh figured that much out.” She slapped my and then slipped her hand into mine, we walked around the graveyard till about 9:00 when I came to an abrupt halt “what is it Ashton?” “I don’t know Cassy” I looked down at where I was standing and pulled out my phone I opened it up so the light would shine on the tomb stone.


October 31st 1909

Here lie the bodies of the two dead boys

Who were violently murdered

Back to back they now face each other all because


I dropped my phone and started running Cassy picked up my phone and ran after me. “Ash what is it?!?” I sat down under a street lamp and hugged my knees to my chest and rocked back and forth breathing hard “Ash, baby what’s wrong?” she sat down beside me and pulled me into a hug “C’mon Ashton lets get u home.” She picked me up and carried me all the way home


I might be taller than her but I’m skinny as hell and don’t way more than 100 pounds and Cassy can bench close to 175-200 with no problem. I hate my name and she knows that, when I was little my parents had wanted a boy and got me instead, they named me Ashton so everyone called me Ash for short, everyone except Cassy that is, She loves my name even with as much as I hate it, she never fails to show how much she loves it.


“Ashton, Hun you’re staring into space again and I’m really worried about you.” I blinked realizing I was home and was safely in my bed I looked around the room and everything was where it had been. She walked over to me and handed me my cell, and turned to leave. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her on the bed with me “Cassy please don’t leave me” “Lay down Ash, I’ll be right back” I slowly laid down and slid under the covers, Cassy came back with a glass of coke and she was in her pajama pants and her t-shirt that said…

Kiss me, I’m NOT Irish.

She laid down in bed beside me and crawled under the covers with me, it wasn’t weird for us because we usually slept together if one of us was scared or upset. “Ash what’s wrong?” “I’ll tell you if u give me some of your coke.” She took a drink and then handed me the glass “here” I took it and drained the glass. “Now what’s wrong?” “Did you read that tomb stone?” “No I didn’t why? What did it say?” I set the empty glass on the nightstand and laid my head on her chest and put my arm across her stomach. She wrapped her arm around me and I felt safe and secure for the first time in weeks. I closed my eyes and slowly started to drift to sleep “Ashton” she stroked my hair, I slowly opened my eyes “Yeah?” “I thought you were asleep…” “I was” “sorry… are you ok Ash?” “I will be as long as I’m with you.” She hugged me tight and rubbed my back. It felt great to be alone with her… don’t get me wrong I love Anne but she can be such a slut.

Cassy and I never get to be alone because Anne is our only friend and she’s kind of clingy. We all three have almost identical personalities; everyone in town calls us triplets. I don’t know why though Anne looks nothing like Cassy and I. Cassy as you probably remember, is 5ft 7 has shoulder blade length brown hair with purple streaks and mystifying, chalky gray, almost purple eyes. I’m 5ft 10 have shorter light brown hair with purple highlights, and piercing purple eyes. Anne as you probably remember… is 4ft 11 has blonde hair and beautiful crystal blue eyes. Anne is always around and she ruins the most romantic moments all the time… like just the other day I was just about to ask Cassy out and she burst in the room screaming about some guy that wouldn’t s
leep* with her… if its and concept Cassy probably would have turned me down anyway… She doesn’t know how I feel… I’d tell her but every time I think about telling her guess what happens… If you guessed Anne, you’re right. Anne ruins everything… like my friend Brooke and I well ex friend Brooke… thanks to Anne. Brooke Cassy and I use to be inseparable… Brooke looks just like Cassy and I she has shoulder length brown hair with purple highlights her eyes are a cloudy gray and she’s 5ft 8 and a half tall.


Cassy stroked my hair and I opened my eyes “Oh Ash if you only knew” Knew what… I thought to my self. I shifted to let her know I was awake. “What time is it?” “a little after 3” “What in God’s name are you doing up?” I asked sleepily “couldn’t sleep…I was thinking about you…” “about me? She leaned her head against mine “yeah” Oh God I wander what she’s thinking about “why Cass?” “Remember the night I met you… How you found me and brought me here, and you asked me who I was and what had happened. I told you the story about my parents and what I had been doing in the alley. You slowly reached up and pushed my hair behind my ear, and let your hand rest on my cheek… you looked into my eyes and told me you wanted me to stay with you forever… that was the first time anyone had ever wanted me.” I hugged her “Cassy I can’t believe you remember that…” “never forgot it… Ash after you told me that… you pulled me close and in the most amazing way you kissed me and told me you loved me… I slapped you…” “Cassy…. It’s ok I know your not like that” “Then why do I love to sl
eep* with you… Ashton the truth is if you were to…”

“ASHTON! CASSANDRA!” Anne Burst in the bedroom “God dang it Anne! Every freaking time!”

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