We Lurk Among You

Chapter 1

An Un-fortunate Meeting

It was a dark, stormy night as I, 20 year old Piper Ashley Nyx walk around the mansions observatory it was cold and I was feeling rather lonely, thunder roared and the windows howled as the wind ripped across them. Lightning flashed across the sky bringing a bolt of light sliding in through the window. I stood there almost scared to death, having a flashback of the storm that had killed my twin sister Purity Aurora Nyx 6 years ago. “Why God why did that storm have to kill her she was just trying to help. . . She didn’t deserve to die; she was so young and had so much to learn. I miss you Purity…” Just then lightning sent another light flashing cross the floor and I realized I was not alone.

The air filled with an almost un-bearable stench “w-whose there?” Pixie where are you Pixie Amanda Nyx is my 24 year old sister, we talked through telepathy and she was currently sensing my fear through waves; she always gets me out of sticky situations. Just then I was grabbed from behind and I felt someone’s sharp teeth sink into my neck. “Ow!” I hollered Pixie please! Help me! “leave her alone!” Pixie froze everyone/everything in the room. There had been a vase falling to the floor as a young man knocked it over. She put it back into its place, and then she knelt down beside me “Piper? Are you ok?” “I . . . need healing. . .” I told her through what oxygen I could rasp from the surrounding air, Pixie placed her hands on my neck; her hands started glowing as my wound slowly disappeared. I got off the floor “now the question is who are they and why did they attack me?” I asked rubbing my soar neck. Pixie un-froze everyone “who are you, and why did you attack my sister?” she asked in a very straight forward manner, she was one to get right to the point with no small talk. “My names Mako, I’m a vampire; all I wanted was her energy.” “We feed off other magical creatures” said a woman. Pixie and I looked around the room and both said at the same time “who said that?”

“My names Valeria, I too am a vampire.” “Don’t tell us. You wanted our energy too?” pixie hissed sarcastically. She wasn’t good at sarcasm, it sounded so forced. “How’d you know?” she laughed obviously picking up on that point. “We don’t like you!” I said through clenched teeth, this was our home! They shouldn’t be here! “I guess you don’t like me either.” Laughed another man who appeared out of no where. “Who are you?” pixie asked grimacing, it was now 3 on 2 and we would lose if there was a fight. Ok so we wouldn’t really as long as pixie thought of freezing the world again. “I’m Joel, also a vampire” Pixie threw up her hands freezing all three of them “Piper go get all the silver, flashlights, and garlic you can find.” She ordered throwing her finger in the direction of the wall. “Um ok, I’ll be right back.” I said flitting through it. I trusted her and hopefully she would murder them all.

As soon as I left the room I hit the supply closet and grabbed a gun, loaded the 5 silver bullets I found, I tore apart the cabinets and drawers. I got all the flash lights and garlic I could find. I ran back to the observatory. I handed Pixie the gun (just because she’s older and way more responsible) and held two flashlights in my hands one pointed at Mako and the other pointed at Joel, Pixie pointed the gun at Valeria. She moved her hand and unfroze them all I turned on both flashlights. They let out a hiss as their skin seared under the UV lights. I gulped as I saw their fangs come out. Pixie and I moved closer to them. We backed them into the nearest corner.

“We want answers, and we want them now!” pixie ordered cocking the gun. “You people are all alike you so violent; were really not harmful people.” Joel said side stepping a flash of light I sent flying to his leg. “Joel shut up!” I shined the light in his eyes, He jumped at me hissing, and pixie threw her hand up and froze his body all except his head. I snickered as his expression went from terrified, to confused, to pissed. “What did you do to him?” the girl shrieked loping to his side. “Don’t worry Valeria he’s fine” pixie said making her nice voice fake and rude. “Don’t call me that, my names Val.” She told us with a gulp as she danced out of the way of a light I sent to her. “Ok Val then… He’s fine just frozen. Answer all of our questions, and Pixie will un-freeze him” I told her calmly. “Un-freeze him and I’ll answer any questions you have” she hissed dodging another streak of light. There was another roar of thunder and Mako jumped. “Yeah you Dolt un-freeze me!” Joel ordered. “EXCUSE ME!” Pixie was outraged and she threw both her hands up freezing him completely. “You know Val his mouth always did get him in to trouble” she froze Mako not wanting to hear another word.

“Please let them go! I’m begging” Val whimpered burying her face in her hands. “Answer Pixie’s questions first!” I told her stamping my foot. “Ok just don’t hurt them” “Piper won’t hurt them. Now why did you come here?” I turned off the flashlights one after the other and listened patiently to what Val had to say “It’s raining and we were thirsty for energy we sensed energy here and so we came.” “Ok. Now question number two, are there any more of you here?” Pixie asked. I stayed quiet not knowing what Pixie was getting at. “Yes, we’re the only ones here! But, if you don’t let Mako and Joel go I will call for more of my friends.” I looked at Pixie feeling scared. She looked back and gave me a calm reassuring smile. My fear slowly faded away.

“Will you please, please let Mako and Joel go? I mean let them go right now!” Pixie nodded and looked at me, she reluctantly un-froze them. Val ran to Mako and threw her arms around him “are you ok Mako?” she asked as a tear slid down her cheek “I’m fine.” He replied. they are acting like you tortured them pix I laughed. Val hugged him so tightly I didn’t think he would be able to breathe “yeah I’m fine too thanks for asking!” She ignored Joel and held onto Mako like he was about to fall off a cliff. “Well if I liked you things and trusted you things I’d say you make a very cute couple.” I told them looking at Joel, he smiling and checking Pixie out. “She’s 24, dream on!” “So what, I’m a vampire.” I rolled my eyes and sighed. “You vampires are so arrogant!” “Watch what you say there are three of us here” I shut my mouth almost scared to say a word. Pixie stood up for me “yes, but don’t forget I can control the way you move” she then came over to me and said “Piper I need to talk to you, I think that Mako guy is not really who he says he is and I think Val is in danger.” “Why should we care?” I asked in a whisper. I don’t think she heard me though.

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