Memories Never Fade

Chapter 1


It was a cold, dark, stormy, winter, night in Portland as I, Alex walked home. The air was full of snow and the lingering smell of coal, which was not common in this area. Keith the homeless town drunk, staggered behind me, reeking strongly of the smell of alcohol. The cars in the street were frozen in a thin sheet of ice that glistened in the moon light.

Keith groaned as he slipped on an icy spot just outside the bar. I stopped.

“Keith you should watch where you walk,” I said. He mumbled a reply which I gladly ignored. Slowly he rose to his feet cursing as he did.

“Sara!” I yelled seeing her just ahead of me. She turned and looked at me.

“Hi Alex, what are you doing out so late?” She asked

“Its only one, I still have a lot of STUFF to do,” I replied

“Only one” She asked questioningly “And what stuff could you possibly have to do at one in the morning, in the middle of winter?”

I smiled my smuggest grin “If you only knew” I replied. Sara shivered from the evil in my voice. I could tell she knew what I had planned. My smile said it all.

The wind blew and cold, wet, icy snow hit me in the face. I felt Sara take my hand. “Don’t do it,” she whispered. Her voice sounded shaky, like she was full of terror.

“No one, will know, Sara. It will all be over in just a few hours, the pain of what he did to you will finally be gone.” I whispered back, slowly wrapping my arms around her.

Sara stood with tears in her eyes, “Alex I’m begging you, don’t do this. The pain won’t just go away.”

I wiped the tears from her eyes, “He deserves what he’ll get.”

“I’m not worried about him, Alex; I’m worried about you and Dane, because I know he’s in on this too.” She said.

I hugged her “We’ll be fine.”

She slowly pulled away from me and turned to leave. I decided it was best to follow her. The murder rate in our neighborhood had recently increased. The papers were full of horror stories about young women, women such as Sara who were violently murdered by what was known as the creature.

I followed her closely, but not at a pace she would notice me. Her apartment door slowly shut and I heard the click of her lock. Her lights stayed on for but a moment, and then vanished. Good she’s safe I thought to myself.

I walked down Oak St. and made a left turning onto Holiday St.

“Hey” shouted a voice from behind. I turned to look, and saw Keith standing there with yet another bottle of alcohol.

“What now” I asked.

“He’s coming for you and your no good friends, you all been on my land” He mumbled in a slurred voice.

“Keith you’re drunk, you don’t have any land, and as for whoever HE is, most likely you, I’m not scared.”

“Just you wait,” he said in a drunken laugh.

I walked down the street ignoring the old drunk. The sidewalks were slippery and it was hard to see even two feet in front of you. Suddenly I was grabbed from behind and shoved face first into the snow. I threw my fists up ready to fight, unable to see. Dean laughed as he pulled me to my feet.

“Got you,” he chanted.

“I hate you Dean,” I said. I threw a snowball and hit him in the face.

“Yeah well, you aren’t going to hate me after tonight.” He sneered.

I looked at him and quietly spoke, “Piper and his gang won’t know what hit them.”

He kept the sneer on his lips, “Sara home safe?”

“Yeah she’s fine, walked her home myself,” I assured him.

“Good, she’d just get hurt, and neither one of us can stand to lose her, she’s the reason we’re doing this in the first place,” Dean Said.

I grabbed the bat from his hand and took a few swings. “This’ll work nicely” I said with a smile. “Let’s go find Piper, my bats itching to get a hit.” Dean swung his bat making snow fly everywhere.

We walked past Keith who was on the ground licking snow, and mumbling something like “Going to get killed they are. Tonight they will.” I felt a slight chill go up my spine; could he be talking about us? I thought to myself.

Dean and I dove into the snow bank seeing the flashing red, white, and blue lights of the police car slowly driving up behind us. In the distance I heard the sound of glass shattering. Probably just Keith’s bottle I assured myself. The car drove past us and Dean and I started running down the alley, you never wanted to be caught out this late especially with a baseball bat. We ran and came face to face with the ugliest thing I ever had seen, Piper Oswald and his small army.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t Alexandria and his girlfriend Deana,” Piper laughed as he spoke. I felt my grip tighten on the bat.

“You’re a dead man Piper.” I swung the bat hard and fast hearing it connecting hard with his ugly face. The white snow was suddenly scarlet with his blood. He hit the ground hard and his gang backed away in a run. Had I killed him? I thought as I dropped the bat at the sound of a woman’s scream.

“Sara!” I screamed as I took off running, leaving Dean to deal with the unconscious body of Piper. A police siren screamed, getting closer and closer. The police lights flashed behind me as I ran down Sara’s street. I ran faster, my adrenalin boiling. The scream I heard, it couldn’t have been Sara, could it? I got closer and saw the window of her house had been shattered and the glass was jagged and a scarlet color. She was gone I knew it I could feel it in my gut. I pushed through the cops and forced myself in the house ignoring the screams of the police.

“Sara,” I screamed desperate for an answer, a small pool of blood laid still like it had been there for hours. A male figure laid in the dark at the bottom of the stairs. I’d just walked her home not even two hours ago. It couldn’t be Sara. Her house was dark as I ran through it screaming her name. I ran to her room and found her on the bed motionless, with a cold stare in her eyes, her body was torn in small slashes which looked like knife cuts, her leg looked broken, and her hair was matted with blood.

“Sara,” I whispered with tears in my eyes.

She moved ever so slightly whispering, “Run Alex.”

“Why” I asked.

All she said was “Run Alex, run, don’t let him get you.”

“Sara, I’m not leaving you.” I took her hand it was cold like ice. The police had surrounded the house and were slowly moving in. The bedroom door slammed shut.

“No!” screamed Sara in terror.

A dark figure appeared in the corner of her room. The Room filled with the familiar smell of coal and alcohol, two distinct smells I remembered from earlier. I let my mind flash back to earlier. My surroundings changed as I remembered Keith and another man stumbling out of the bar. The other man had walked ahead of me when I had stopped to help Keith.

I stood in the darkness of her room looking at what appeared to be a man. He stepped into the moonlight revealing a face partly torn off. His eyes were red, like flames. His nose was missing and the left side of his jaw hung down like a broken swing. His arm rose as he brought a gun to my eye level. I stood there terrified staring down the barrel of a small pistol.

In a quick moment I dove, landing on Sara trying to protect her from whom I believed was the creature. It moved closer and in a sickly voice spoke these words, “Looks and people may be destroyed, but memories never fade.”

There was a sudden noise, a flash of light and a gunshot. I looked at Sara, she still lay motionless my eyes met the creatures. The room was silent, then a loud thud, as he hit the floor dead. In his place stood the figure that had been at the bottom of the stairs.

“Keith” I whispered.

The police report had been filed and Sara had been taken to the hospital. Keith told the police he had heard the scream and broken in through the window to find a man, who then had knocked him unconscious. Sara had been in her room having a nightmare of what Piper had once done to her, her timing for the scream was impeccable, or maybe just lucky. Dean was arrested that night for the assault of Piper Oswald, he pleaded guilty in court so Sara and I could be together.

Though it’s been five months, the words and pictures of that night still haunt both Sara and I, “Looks and people may be destroyed, but memories never fade,” a motto to life or a horror story?


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