Hunger Games Story

Welcome to the 50th annual Hunger Games!

Place your bets today, pick who you will sponsor!

May the odds ever be in your favor!

Chapter 1

The Reaping Day

My heart raced as I sat in the crowd, waiting for them to pick the tributes for this years Hunger games.

I looked over at my twin brother James, and I took his hand in mine. He looked as nervous as I was.

I looked back at the stage, my long, wavy ebony hair falling over my bright sky blue eyes.

Oh god I hope my brother and I aren't choosen as Tributes... I prayed, watching as I watched Petunia Sparkle go up the steps onto the stage.
Her shiny red stilletos clicked and clacked as she strutted to the middle of the large stage.

Petunia Sparkle was a petite middle-aged woman who always wore a bright shade of red. She would wear red frilly dresses, puffy red skirts, red blouses, red everything! Even her short frizzy hair and caked on make-up was red!

"Welcome everyone to the 50th annual Hunger Games! As you all know, this year we shall hold the second Quarter Quell ever! That means we shall pick four Tributes instead of the regular two!" Petunia said with her high pitched giggle, "So! We shall start the Reaping!"

And with another one of Petunia's high pitched giggles, the Reaping began.

"Maysilee Donner!"

A girl the same age as me I presumed walked up the stage, and stood next to Petunia.

"Haymitch Abernathy!"

A strong looking guy with dark curly hair walked up to the stage, his Seam grey eyes bright and dangerous looking.

Ugh...I hated Haymitch. He had always been rude to me. Always teased me and stuff. We were never good friends or anything, which was fine by me.

"Rupert Hayes!"

A frail looking boy with olive skin and spiky dark brown hair walked up and stood next to Haymitch.

"And now, for the last Tribute!" Petunia said, sticking her hand into the bright pink jar next to her.

"The last Tribute is-"

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