Love and Grease- An Outsiders Love Story

This is a story between me, Proud_To
_Be_A_Huffledor, and Weasley_Twins_4Eva! Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1


by: Dance
My OC:
Name: Jacqueline "Jackie" Ann Sheldon
Age: 16 going on 17
Appearance: blonde, wavy-curlyish (fancy new words! >:3) hair, tan skin, short and petite, slight curves, blueish-green eyes ((based on Hayden Panettiere and Ashley Benson))
Family: Bob Sheldon's sister, mom and dad
Love interest: Dallas "Dally" Winston
Personality: defensive, protective, but kind and funny, doesn't like school. hates Dally (and all Greasers) at first because Bob told her lies about them.

gryffinpuff527 OC:
name: Rosie Mae Johnson
age: 16
appearence: long very dark brown wavy hair, china white skin, deep sparkling emerald green eyes, friendly smile, taller, muscular built
family: lives alone or with the Curtis's.
love interest: sodapop!
personality: funny, smart, understanding, quiet, but brave, sarcastic, sometimes lacks common sense

Weasley_Twins_4Eva OC:
Name: Leslie Joyce Adderson
Age: 16
Appearance: Long, straight black hair. Tall. Dark blue eyes. Curvy, light skin. Charming like her brother.
Family: Brother, Randy Adderson. Mom, Dad.
Love interest: Ponyboy/ Johnny
Personality: Smart, sassy, blocks out all greasers. Very hard to warm up to the greasers. Ill-tempered, especially with Dally and Two-bit. Gets quiet when Dally is talking to her.

"Bob, I told you! I ain't going out with you when you're drinking!" Cherry yelled at my brother. Marcia, Leslie, Cherry, and I were standing outside of the boys' cars, arms crossed and heads held high.
"Why? We ain't that drunk!" Bob countered.
Leslie sighed and I rolled my eyes. We were at a drive in movie.
"Come on, Cherry, Marcia, Leslie. Let's leave the boys to their booze," I said, letting venom leak into my words. I turned on my heel and stormed off with the girls.
"Let's sit up here," Leslie said. We sat in the front row of seats in front of three boys with grease in their hair.
"Hey baby," one of them said, leaning close to me. I looked over at him. He had a chiseled, hard face. His blue eyes were filled with hatred, but they seamed to sparkle when he grinned. Even if the grin came from annoying girls.
"I ain't your baby," I replied coolly.
"You ain't yet. What's a tuff broad like you doing at the movies without a boyfriend?" He ran his fingers through his white-blond hair.
Cherry, Marcia, and Leslie leaned over to look at me. Cherry raised her eyebrows at the boy and scoffed.
"Why don't you leave her alone?" Cherry asked.
The boy glanced at Cherry and sat back in his seat.
I looked at the boy behind me. He winked at me and my cheeks burned. He jumped in the seat next to me, and tried to put his arm around me.
I smirked at him and removed his arm.
"Nic try," I said.
"Dally, cut it out," one of his friends said behind us.
"Dally?" I asked.
"My name's Dallas," he said simply. "What about you?"
"Jacqueline, but you can call me Jackie. Jackie Sheldon," I told him.
He froze in the middle of lighting a cigarette and broke into a grin.
"Say, are you Bob Sheldon's sister?"
"What's it to you?" I asked.
He kept grinning and finally I stood up.
"Get off of me and keep your mouth shut, you hood!" I yelled. He stood up and walked off coolly.
"Sorry about Dally," one of his friends said.
"Yeah, he's a real tuff guy. He wouldn't do that if he knew you," the other said.
"Are you going to start on us?" Leslie asked.
"No," one of them answered.
"Then why don't you come sit with us," Leslie said, smiling.

Sorry it's not very good or long! Dx I'm really tired! It's Amber's turn!

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