Dont hurt me? { Remus Lupin love story}

Dont hurt me? { Remus Lupin love story}

My blood was boiling. He was'nt thinking straight. He was acting like he was'nt in Love with me. He's not being clear. He loves me and he knows it.

Chapter 2

Willow tree.


The guy's ran through the wood's to the...
Whomping Willow...

Real time~

They all stood next to the Whomping Willow, Remus clawed at his skin.

James stood close by.
I watched as Remus lashed out towards him.

I stood up by a tree, I moved a little and a twig snapped under my feet... AGAIN!!

Sirius, James, and Remus all looked at me.
My eyes widened.

Remus looked like he was having a spaz attack.

Then... He turned into a... Werewolf.

"Taylor run!!" Sirius yelled.

I did'nt notice that Remus was lunging towards me.
He scratched my arm.

"NO!!" Jamed yelled.

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