Dont hurt me? { Remus Lupin love story}

Dont hurt me? { Remus Lupin love story}

My blood was boiling. He was'nt thinking straight. He was acting like he was'nt in Love with me. He's not being clear. He loves me and he knows it.

Chapter 1



Im Taylor Black!
Im 15, and in my fifth year at Hogwarts!
I hang with Severus Snape, and the Marauders.

The guys dont really like me hanging with Sev.
But we only study!
Whoops, Forgot one little detail...I'm Sirius Blacks Twin sis!

Remus Lupin is the only Marauder that study's with me and Sev.
Well, Actually... The only Marauder that... Studys...

Oh well! I make A's and B's. And I love potions class!!
But my best subject is Transfiguration.

I am just like my brother, I can transform into an Animal!
I transform into a bat, and My nickname is wings!!

I dont know why Remm is called Moony...

But why dont we just start the story off at the second day in my fifth year in Hogwarts.


I was joking around with James, Lily, and my Brother, when I noticed Remus sitting by a tree, all alone. He was'nt even reading...
I told James, Lily and Sirius that I would see them tommarrow.

Then I ran over to Remus.

Me: Hey Moony!
I sat down next to him.
Remus: Hello Wings!
He said cheerly.
Me: You look so glum...
I said looking over at the castle.
Remus: Im not sad or anything... Just bored... and waiting for something...
He said slowly.
Me: Hey, look! Sundown!!
I pointed to the sky, It was going to be dark in a while.
Remus looked at the sky, Jumped up and ran.

I ran after him calling, "Wait, Remus!!"
He stoped and told James and Padfoot something.
Then all three of them darted off into the woods.

I slowly followed ducking behind tree's and Bushes.
Then I accidentally stepped on a twig and it snapped.

I winced and ducked beind and huge tree.

Then I heard James say, " Lets just keep going! Its almost time!"
Then they ran to the...


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